If you want to avoid annoying flight attendants dont order this one

first_img Share Posted by If you want to avoid annoying flight attendants, don’t order this one thing on a flight TORONTO — It’s important to stay hydrated while flying. But it’s also equally important to not annoy flight attendants, as they are largely responsible for keeping everyone onboard relaxed, comfortable and safe.According to the Huffington Post, one of the easiest ways to stay on the good side of the flight crew is to avoid ordering Diet Coke. Yes, it really is that simple! Diet sodas, particularly Diet Coke, are extra fizzy, which means it takes flight attendants that much more time to pour it into a glass. Those extra five seconds spent waiting for the fizz to settle down eventually add up over row after row, leading to a slowdown in drink service and extra long delays.But if you’re one of those people who absolutely need their diet soda, there’s still a way for you to avoid the wrath of the flight crew: forego the ice. Apparently, pouring Diet Coke over ice is the worst thing you can order on a flight because the ice causes extra bubbles.More news:  Virgin Voyages de-activates Quebec accounts at FirstMates agent portalSo do your flight crew a solid and simply order water instead. << Previous PostNext Post >> Thursday, March 8, 2018 Travelweek Group last_img


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