Tiger Woods tried to suck on breathalyzer before blowing into it described

first_imgFootage from Tiger Woods’ intake at the Palm Beach County Jail following his DUI arrest has been released. It shows a confused Woods answering basic intake questions and struggling to take the alcohol Breathalyzer test.Woods condition at the jail is similar to the previously released footage from his DUI traffic stop and arrest. As in, not good.When asked to describe his hair color, Woods answered brown and “fading.” He also attempts to suck on the breathalyzer hose several times before finally blowing into it.Woods is set to appear at an arraignment hearing on the DUI charges on July 5.New Video Of Tiger Woods Inside A Holding Cell Has Been Released https://t.co/1qPrW6T3RI pic.twitter.com/TRDY08lr5t— SportsCast (@SportsCast_THN) June 2, 2017last_img