Bonneville Dam fish count 713

first_imgSaturday — 1.469 adult summer chinook, 436 jack chinook, 2,242 steelhead, 841 shad, 7,415 sockeye. Water temperature is 67.5 degrees. Streamflow is 231,500 cubic feet per second.last_img


AGDC Port MacKenzie not feasible For LNG terminal

first_imgThe new analysis of Port Mackenzie will be incorporated into FERC’s environmental impact statement for the proposed Alaska LNG project. The Mat-Su Borough does not accept AGDC’s analysis, writing to FERC on July 20 that the borough “has already identified several aspects of AGDC’s response with which it disagrees.” Nikiski was identified as the preferred site location over four years ago, after more than two dozen possible locations were analyzed. The Mat-Su Borough filed a complaint on January 9, with the Federal Regulatory Energy Commission (FERC) stating that the project and regulators “improperly and intentionally excluded” the borough’s Port MacKenzie as a “reasonable alternative” for the proposed liquefied natural gas plant. According to Alaska LNG project updates prepared by Larry Persily, former federal coordinator for Alaska North Slope gas line projects: “The Alaska Gasline Development Corp. (AGDC) responded to federal regulators July 13 that it would not be possible to build and operate the LNG plant and marine terminal at Port MacKenzie “without constraining either existing or planned uses of the complex, or of the proposed LNG facility and its marine terminal.””center_img The deadline to provide the information is September 1. FERC is scheduled to release its draft environmental impact statement (EIS) for the project on March 8, 2019. The borough did not provide any details in its one-page letter but said it “intends to file substantive comments to highlight the incorrect information.” Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The Alaska Gasline Development Corporation has confirmed that Nikiski is still the preferred site for the AK LNG liquefaction facility.last_img read more


House Appropriators Adopt War Funds Budget Maneuver

first_imgThe fiscal 2017 defense spending bill unveiled this week by the House Appropriations Committee follows the House Armed Services Committee’s strategy of shifting funds from DOD’s overseas contingency operations (OCO) account to boost the department’s base budget, setting up a possible budget fight with Democratic lawmakers and the White House.The spending measure, approved by the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee Wednesday, would dedicate $15.7 billion from the OCO account to unmet needs within the base Pentagon budget in an effort to restore readiness shortfalls, according to a committee summary. “These funds are targeted to requirements identified by the services — readiness efforts, infrastructure, and equipment recapitalization and modernization, such as additional flying and steaming hours, training time, and facilities and aircraft repairs,” according to the summary.“As a result of this funding — as well as responsible reductions made to the request — the bill is able to support higher troop levels, additional training ($9.4 billion), facilities repairs and improvements ($1.6 billion), equipment repairs and maintenance ($753 million), and equipment modernization and replacement ($9.6 billion),” it states.In the FY 2017 defense authorization bill it approved in April, the House Armed Services Committee called for shifting $18 billion from DOD’s war fund account to its base budget. Since then, Defense Secretary Ash Carter has criticized the maneuver for shortchanging overseas operations as it would force the next administration to request supplemental war funding before it runs out at the end of April.After the committee released its draft bill on Tuesday, Rep. Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.), the ranking member on House Appropriations, made her opposition clear.“The majority’s failure to provide a full year of funding for thousands of men and women serving in dangerous places around the world is astoundingly irresponsible,” Lowey said in a statement. “By shifting funding away from overseas contingency operations, the majority would create a cliff just a few months into 2017, forcing the new president to request supplemental funds to pay our troops within weeks after taking office,” she said, reported CQ Roll Call.The measure rejects troop reductions included in the department’s budget request, and would support 28,000 more active personnel and 25,000 more reservists than the administration requested.The text of the spending bill is available on the committee website. Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img read more


Bomblike object sends EW Metro workers into tizzy

first_imgKolkata: Workers carrying out construction work at the proposed East West Metro project stumbled upon something that resembled a bomb, near the proposed site of Subhas Sarovar Metro station on EM Bypass on Sunday morning. The bomb was recovered from a place on the western side of the proposed station, where tracks are being laid for running of rakes.The labourers working at the site informed their seniors, who contacted the Phoolbagan police station. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsWithin a few minutes, a police team reached the spot and informed the bomb squad of Kolkata Police. The officials from the bomb squad, along with a sniffer dog, was pressed into service and the object was defused.”The bomb had gun powder and splinters in it and if it had exploded, then things could have been worse,” a worker involved with the construction work of the Metro project said. Engineers from Kolkata Metro Railway Corporation Ltd (KMRCL), the implementing agency of the EW Metro project, also visited the spot. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killed”We have informed the police and they are investigating the matter. Work has resumed at the site,” said Biswanath Dewanjee, Chief Engineer (Civil) of KMRCL.Sleuths who recovered the object, said that it was a bomb shell and the gun powder inside it was not strong enough to cause any explosion or injure anybody.”We are trying to find out how it reached the place,” an investigating officer from Phoolbagan police station said, who seized the object after it was defused.last_img read more


TMC Panchayat member injured in scuffle with youth

first_imgKolkata: A Trinamool Congress Panchayat member sustained injuries after being beaten up by a youth who was later arrested by Bidhannagar police.The incident took place near Unitech More in New Town on Thursday morning. Police said that the victim Akhtar Gazi, also known as Tutun, is a Panchayat member of Baliguri. He was passing near Unitech gate number 1 in his car, when the accused youth, Rajib Majumdar, an IT employee who was riding his motorcycle, hit the vehicle. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeAccording to the police, the accused youth was riding the motorcycle at a high speed, as a result of which he lost control over the vehicle. After his bike hit the car, Majumdar hurled expletives at the driver of the car. As the Panchayat member protested against the incident, the accused engaged in a heated altercation with him. Majumdar allegedly beat up the Panchayat member and also snatched the key of his car. The accused tried to flee with the key following the incident. Some traffic police officers who were there in the nearby areas, chased the accused and managed to catch hold of him. He was brought to the local police station. The police recovered the key of the Panchayat member’s car. After a brief interrogation, the accused was arrested by Bidhannagar police on various charges.last_img read more


Configuring and deploying HBase Tutorial

first_img The separation of the directory structure is for the purpose of a clean separation of the HDFS block separation and to keep the configurations as simple as possible. This also allows us to do a proper maintenance. Now, let’s move towards changing the setup for hdfs; the file location will be /u/HBase B/hadoop-2.2.0/etc/hadoop/hdfs-site.xml. Add these properties in hdfs-site.xml: For NameNode:          HBase is inspired by the Google big table architecture, and is fundamentally a non-relational, open source, and column-oriented distributed NoSQL. Written in Java, it is designed and developed by many engineers under the framework of Apache Software Foundation. Architecturally it sits on Apache Hadoop and runs by using Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) as its foundation. It is a column-oriented database, empowered by a fault-tolerant distributed file structure known as HDFS. In addition to this, it also provides very advanced features, such as auto sharding, load-balancing, in-memory caching, replication, compression, near real-time lookups, strong consistency (using multi-version). It uses the latest concepts of block cache and bloom filter to provide faster response to online/real-time request. It supports multiple clients running on heterogeneous platforms by providing user-friendly APIs. In this tutorial, we will discuss how to effectively set up mid and large size HBase cluster on top of Hadoop/HDFS framework. We will also help you set up HBase on a fully distributed cluster. For cluster setup, we will consider REH (RedHat Enterprise-6.2 Linux 64 bit); for the setup we will be using six nodes. This article is an excerpt taken from the book ‘HBase High Performance Cookbook’ written by Ruchir Choudhry. This book provides a solid understanding of the HBase basics. Let’s get started! Configuring and deploying Hbase Before we start HBase in fully distributed mode, we will be setting up first Hadoop-2.2.0 in a distributed mode, and then on top of Hadoop cluster we will set up HBase because HBase stores data in HDFS. Getting Ready The first step will be to create a directory at user/u/HBase B and download the tar file from the location given later. The location can be local, mount points or in cloud environments; it can be block storage: wget wget –b This –b option will download the tar file as a background process. The output will be piped to wget-log. You can tail this log file using tail -200f wget-log. Untar it using the following commands: tar -xzvf hadoop-2.2.0.tar.gz This is used to untar the file in a folder hadoop-2.2.0 in your current diectory location. Once the untar process is done, for clarity it’s recommended use two different folders one for NameNode and other for DataNode. I am assuming app is a user and app is a group on a Linux platform which has access to read/write/execute access to the locations, if not please create a user app and group app if you have sudo su – or root/admin access, in case you don’t have please ask your administrator to create this user and group for you in all the nodes and directorates you will be accessing. To keep the NameNodeData and the DataNodeData for clarity let’s create two folders by using the following command, inside /u/HBase B: Mkdir NameNodeData DataNodeData NameNodeData will have the data which is used by the name nodes and DataNodeData will have the data which will be used by the data nodes: ls –ltr will show the below results.drwxrwxr-x 2 app app  4096 Jun 19 22:22 NameNodeDatadrwxrwxr-x 2 app app  4096 Jun 19 22:22 DataNodeData-bash-4.1$ pwd/u/HBase B/hadoop-2.2.0-bash-4.1$ ls -ltrtotal 60Kdrwxr-xr-x 2 app app 4.0K Mar 31 08:49 bindrwxrwxr-x 2 app app 4.0K Jun 19 22:22 DataNodeDatadrwxr-xr-x 3 app app 4.0K Mar 31 08:49 etc The steps in choosing Hadoop cluster are: Hardware details required for it Software required to do the setup OS required to do the setup Configuration steps HDFS core architecture is based on master/slave, where an HDFS cluster comprises of solo NameNode, which is essentially used as a master node, and owns the accountability for that orchestrating, handling the file system, namespace, and controling access to files by client. It performs this task by storing all the modifications to the underlying file system and propagates these changes as logs, appends to the native file system files, and edits. SecondaryNameNode is designed to merge the fsimage and the edits log files regularly and controls the size of edit logs to an acceptable limit. In a true cluster/distributed environment, it runs on a different machine. It works as a checkpoint in HDFS. We will require the following for the NameNode: Components Details Used for nodes/systems Operating System Redhat-6.2 Linux  x86_64 GNU/Linux, or other standard linux kernel. All the setup for Hadoop/HBase and other components used Hardware /CPUS 16 to 32 CPU cores NameNode/Secondary NameNode 2 quad-hex-/octo-core CPU DataNodes Hardware/RAM 128 to 256 GB, In special caes 128 GB to 512 GB RAM NameNode/Secondary NameNodes 128 GB -512 GB of RAM DataNodes Hardware/storage It’s pivotal to have NameNode server on robust and reliable storage platform as it responsible for many key activities like edit-log journaling. As the importance of these machines are very high and the NameNodes plays a central role in orchestrating everything,thus RAID or any robust storage device is acceptable. NameNode/Secondary Namenodes 2 to 4 TB hard disk in a JBOD DataNodes RAID is nothing but a random access inexpensive drive or independent disk. There are many levels of RAID drives, but for master or a NameNode, RAID 1 will be enough. JBOD stands for Just a bunch of Disk. The design is to have multiple hard drives stacked over each other with no redundancy. The calling software needs to take care of the failure and redundancy. In essence, it works as a single logical volume: Before we start for the cluster setup, a quick recap of the Hadoop setup is essential with brief descriptions. How to do it Let’s create a directory where you will have all the software components to be downloaded: For the simplicity, let’s take it as /u/HBase B. Create different users for different purposes. The format will be as follows user/group, this is essentially required to differentiate different roles for specific purposes: Hdfs/hadoop is for handling Hadoop-related setupYarn/hadoop is for yarn related setupHBase /hadoopPig/hadoopHive/hadoopZookeeper/hadoopHcat/hadoop Set up directories for Hadoop cluster. Let’s assume /u as a shared mount point. We can create specific directories that will be used for specific purposes. Please make sure that you have adequate privileges on the folder to add, edit, and execute commands. Also, you must set up password less communication between different machines like from name node to the data node and from HBase master to all the region server nodes. Once the earlier-mentioned structure is created; we can download the tar files from the following locations: -bash-4.1$ ls -ltrtotal 32drwxr-xr-x  9 app app 4096 hadoop-2.2.0drwxr-xr-x 10 app app 4096 zookeeper-3.4.6drwxr-xr-x 15 app app 4096 pig-0.12.1drwxrwxr-x  7 app app 4096 HBase -0.98.3-hadoop2drwxrwxr-x  8 app app 4096 apache-hive-0.13.1-bindrwxrwxr-x  7 app app 4096 Jun 30 01:04 mahout-distribution-0.9 You can download these tar files from the following location: wget –o /HBase -0.98.3/HBase -0.98.3-hadoop1-bin.tar.gzwget -o –o –o -o Here, we will list the procedure to achieve the end result of the recipe. This section will follow a numbered bullet form. We do not need to give the reason that we are following a procedure. Numbered single sentences would do fine. Let’s assume that there is a /u directory and you have downloaded the entire stack of software from: /u/HBase B/hadoop-2.2.0/etc/hadoop/ and look for the file core-site.xml. Place the following lines in this configuration file:   hdfs://addressofbsdnsofmynamenode-hadoop:9001 You can specify a port that you want to use, and it should not clash with the ports that are already in use by the system for various purposes. Save the file. This helps us create a master /NameNode. Now, let’s move to set up SecondryNodes, let’s edit /u/HBase B/hadoop-2.2.0/etc/hadoop/ and look for the file core-site.xml:  fs.defaultFS hdfs://custome location of your hdfs          fs.checkpoint.dir          /u/HBase B/dn001/hadoop/hdf/secdn       /u/HBase B/dn002/hadoop/hdfs/secdn We can go for the https setup for the NameNode too, but let’s keep it optional for now: Let’s set up the yarn resource manager: Let’s look for Yarn setup: /u/HBase B/hadoop-2.2.0/etc/hadoop/ yarn-site.xml For resource tracker a part of yarn resource manager:  yarn.yourresourcemanager.resourcetracker.addressyouryarnresourcemanager.full.hostname:8025 For resource schedule part of yarn resource scheduler: yarn.yourresourcemanager.scheduler.addressyourresourcemanager.full.hostname:8030 For scheduler address: yarn.yourresourcemanager.addressyourresourcemanager.full.hostname:8050 For scheduler admin address: yarn.yourresourcemanager.admin.addressyourresourcemanager.full.hostname:8041 To set up a local dir:         yarn.yournodemanager.local-dirs         /u/HBase /dnn01/hadoop/hdfs /yarn,/u/HBase B/dnn02/hadoop/hdfs/yarn     To set up a log location: yarn.yournodemanager.logdirs /u/HBase B/var/log/hadoop/yarn This completes the configuration changes required for Yarn. Now, let’s make the changes for Map reduce: Let’s open the mapred-site.xml: /u/HBase B/hadoop-2.2.0/etc/hadoop/mapred-site.xml Now, let’s place this property configuration setup in the mapred-site.xml and place it between the following: mapreduce.yourjobhistory.addressyourjobhistoryserver.full.hostname:10020 Once we have configured Map reduce job history details, we can move on to configure HBase . Let’s go to this path /u/HBase B/HBase -0.98.3-hadoop2/conf and open HBase -site.xml. You will see a template having the following: We need to add the following lines between the starting and ending tags: HBase .rootdirhdfs://HBase .yournamenode.full.hostname:8020/apps/HBase /dataHBase$HBase .yourmaster.full.hostname This competes the HBase changes. ZooKeeper: Now, let’s focus on the setup of ZooKeeper. In distributed env, let’s go to this location and rename the zoo_sample.cfg to zoo.cfg: /u/HBase B/zookeeper-3.4.6/conf Open zoo.cfg by vi zoo.cfg and place the details as follows; this will create two instances of zookeeper on different ports: yourzooKeeperserver.1=zoo1:2888:3888yourZooKeeperserver.2=zoo2:2888:3888 If you want to test this setup locally, please use different port combinations. In a production-like setup as mentioned earlier, yourzooKeeperserver.1=zoo1:2888:3888 is yourzooKeeperserver.1= server.idzoo1=host2888=port3888=port Atomic broadcasting is an atomic messaging system that keeps all the servers in sync and provides reliable delivery, total order, casual order, and so on. Region servers: Before concluding it, let’s go through the region server setup process. Go to this folder /u/HBase B/HBase -0.98.3-hadoop2/conf and edit the regionserver file. Specify the region servers accordingly: RegionServer1 RegionServer2 RegionServer3 RegionServer4 RegionServer1 equal to the IP or fully qualified CNAME of 1 Region server. You can have as many region servers (1. N=4 in our case), but its CNAME and mapping in the region server file need to be different. Copy all the configuration files of HBase and ZooKeeper to the relative host dedicated for HBase and ZooKeeper. As the setup is in a fully distributed cluster mode, we will be using a different host for HBase and its components and a dedicated host for ZooKeeper. Next, we validate the setup we’ve worked on by adding the following to the bashrc, this will make sure later we are able to configure the NameNode as expected: It preferred to use it in your profile, essentially /etc/profile; this will make sure the shell which is used is only impacted. Now let’s format NameNode: Sudo su $HDFS_USER/u/HBase B/hadoop-2.2.0/bin/hadoop namenode -format HDFS is implemented on the existing local file system of your cluster. When you want to start the Hadoop setup first time you need to start with a clean slate and hence any existing data needs to be formatted and erased. Before formatting we need to take care of the following. Check whether there is a Hadoop cluster running and using the same HDFS; if it’s done accidentally all the data will be lost. /u/HBase B/hadoop-2.2.0/sbin/ –config$HADOOP_CONF_DIR start namenode Now let’s go to the SecondryNodes: Sudo su $HDFS_USER/u/HBase B/hadoop-2.2.0/sbin/ –config $HADOOP_CONF_DIR start secondarynamenode Repeating the same procedure in DataNode: Sudo su $HDFS_USER/u/HBase B/hadoop-2.2.0/sbin/ –config $HADOOP_CONF_DIR start datanodeTest 01> See if you can reach from your browser http://namenode.full.hostname:50070: Test 02> sudo su $HDFS_USER touch /tmp/hello.txt Now, hello.txt file will be created in tmp location: /u/HBase B/hadoop-2.2.0/bin/hadoop dfs  -mkdir -p /app/u/HBase B/hadoop-2.2.0/bin/hadoop dfs  -mkdir -p /app/apphduserThis will create a specific directory for this application user in the HDFS FileSystem location(/app/apphduser)/u/HBase B/hadoop-2.2.0/bin/hadoop dfs -copyFromLocal /tmp/hello.txt /app/apphduser/u/HBase B/hadoop-2.2.0/bin/hadoop dfs –ls /app/apphduser apphduser is a dirctory which is created in hdfs for a specific user. So that the data is sepreated based on the users, in a true production env many users will be using it. You can also use hdfs dfs –ls / commands if it shows hadoop command as depricated. You must see hello.txt once the command executes: Test 03> Browse http://datanode.full.hostname:50075/browseDirectory.jsp?namenodeInfoPort=50070&dir=/&nnaddr=$datanode.full.hostname:8020 It is important to change the data host name and other parameters accordingly. You should see the details on the DataNode. Once you hit the preceding URL you will get the following screenshot: On the command line it will be as follows: Validate Yarn/MapReduce setup and execute this command from the resource manager: /u/HBase B/hadoop-2.2.0/sbin/ –config $HADOOP_CONF_DIR start resourcemanager Execute the following command from NodeManager: /u/HBase B/hadoop-2.2.0/sbin / –config$HADOOP_CONF_DIR start nodemanager Executing the following commands will create the directories in the hdfs and apply the respective access rights: Cd u/HBase B/hadoop-2.2.0/binhadoop fs -mkdir /app-logs // creates the dir in HDFShadoop fs -chown $YARN_USER /app-logs //changes the ownershiphadoop fs -chmod 1777 /app-logs // explained in the note sectionExecute MapReduce Start jobhistory servers: /u/HBase B/hadoop-2.2.0/sbin/ start historyserver –config $HADOOP_CONF_DIR Let’s have a few tests to be sure we have configured properly: Test 01: From the browser or from curl use the link to browse: http://yourresourcemanager.full.hostname:8088/. Test 02: Sudo su $HDFS_USER/u/HBase B/hadoop-2.2.0/bin/hadoop jar /u/HBase B/hadoop-2.2.0/hadoop-mapreduce/hadoop-mapreduce-examples- teragen 100 /test/10gsort/input/u/HBase B/hadoop-2.2.0/bin/hadoop jar /u/HBase B/hadoop-2.2.0/hadoop-mapreduce/hadoop-mapreduce-examples- Validate the HBase setup: Login as $HDFS_USER/u/HBase B/hadoop-2.2.0/bin/hadoop fs –mkdir -p /apps/HBase/u/HBase B/hadoop-2.2.0/bin/hadoop fs –chown app:app –R  /apps/HBase Now login as $HBase _USER: /u/HBase B/HBase -0.98.3-hadoop2/bin/HBase –-config $HBase _CONF_DIR start master This command will start the master node. Now let’s move to HBase Region server nodes: /u/HBase B/HBase -0.98.3-hadoop2/bin/HBase –-config $HBase _CONF_DIR start regionserver This command will start the regionservers: For a single machine, direct sudo ./HBase master start can also be used. Please check the logs in case of any logs at this location /opt/HBase B/HBase -0.98.5-hadoop2/logs. You can check the log files and check for any errors: Now let’s login using: Sudo su- $HBase _USER/u/HBase B/HBase -0.98.3-hadoop2/bin/HBase shell We will connect HBase to the master. Validate the ZooKeeper setup. If you want to use an external zookeeper, make sure there is no internal HBase based zookeeper running while working with the external zookeeper or existing zookeeper and is not managed by HBase : For this you have to edit /opt/HBase B/HBase -0.98.5-hadoop2/conf/ HBase Change the following statement (HBase _MANAGES_ZK=false): # Tell HBase whether it should manage its own instance of Zookeeper or not. export HBase _MANAGES_ZK=true. Once this is done we can add zoo.cfg to HBase ‘s CLASSPATH. HBase looks into zoo.cfg as a default lookup for configurations dataDir=/opt/HBase B/zookeeper-3.4.6/zooData # this is the place where the zooData will be present server.1= # IP and port for server 01 server.2= # IP and port for server 02 You can edit the file which is located at /opt/HBase B/zookeeper-3.4.6/conf and point the location where you want to keep the logs. # Define some default values that can be overridden by system properties: zookeeper.root.logger=INFO, CONSOLEzookeeper.console.threshold=INFOzookeeper.log.dir=.zookeeper.log.file=zookeeper.logzookeeper.log.threshold=DEBUGzookeeper.tracelog.dir=. # you can specify the location herezookeeper.tracelog.file=zookeeper_trace.log Once this is done you start zookeeper with the following command: -bash-4.1$ sudo /u/HBase B/zookeeper-3.4.6/bin/ startStarting zookeeper … STARTED You can also pipe the log to the ZooKeeper logs: /u/logs//u/HBase B/zookeeper-3.4.6/zoo.out 2>&1 2 : refers to the second file descriptor for the process, that is stderr. > : means re-direct&1:  means the target of the rediretion should be the same location as the first file descriptor i.e stdout How it works Sizing of the environment is very critical for the success of any project, and it’s a very complex task to optimize it to the needs. We dissect it into two parts, master and slave setup. We can divide it in the following parts: Master-NameNodeMaster-Secondary NameNodeMaster-JobtrackerMaster-Yarn Resource ManagerMaster-HBase MasterSlave-DataNodeSlave-Map Reduce TasktrackerSlave-Yarn Node ManagerSlave-HBase Region server NameNode: The architecture of Hadoop provides us a capability to set up a fully fault tolerant/high availability Hadoop/HBase cluster. In doing so, it requires a master and slave setup. In a fully HA setup, nodes are configured in active passive way; one node is always active at any given point of time and the other node remains as passive. Active node is the one interacting with the clients and works as a coordinator to the clients. The other standby node keeps itself synchronized with the active node and to keep the state intact and live, so that in case of failover it is ready to take the load without any downtime. Now we have to make sure that when the passive node comes up in the event of a failure, the passive node is in perfect sync with the active node, which is currently taking the traffic. This is done by Journal Nodes(JNs), these Journal Nodes use daemon threads to keep the primary and sercodry in perfect sync. Journal Node: By design, JournalNodes will only have single NameNode acting as a active/primary to be a writer at a time. In case of failure of the active/primary, the passive NameNode immediately takes the charge and transforms itself as active, this essentially means this newly active node starts writing to Journal Nodes. Thus it totally avoids the other NameNode to stay in active state, this also acknowledges that the newly active node work as a fail over node. JobTracker: This is an integral part of Hadoop EcoSystem. It works as a service which farms MapReduce task to specific nodes in the cluster. ResourceManager (RM): This responsibility is limited to scheduling, that is, only mediating available resources in the system between different needs for the application like registering new nodes, retiring dead nodes, it dose it by constantly monitoring the heartbeats based on the internal configuration. Due to this core design practice of explicit separation of responsibilities and clear orchestrations of modularity and with the inbuilt and robust scheduler API, This allows the resource manager to scale and support different design needs at one end, and on the other, it allows us to cater to different programming models. HBase Master: The Master server is the main orchestrator for all the region servers in the HBase cluster . Usually, it’s placed on the ZooKeeper nodes. In a real cluster configuration, you will have 5 to 6 nodes of Zookeeper. DataNode: It’s a real workhorse and does most of the heavy lifting; it runs the MapReduce Job and stores the chunks of HDFS data. The core objective of the data node was to be available on the commodity hardware and should be agnostic to the failures. It keeps some data of HDFS, and the multiple copy of the same data is sprinkled around the cluster. This makes the DataNode architecture fully fault tolerant. This is the reason a data node can have JBOD01 rather rely on the expensive RAID02. MapReduce: Jobs are run on these DataNodes in parallel as a subtask. These subtasks provides the consistent data across the cluster and stays consistent. So we learned about the HBase basics and how to configure and set it up. We set up HBase to store data in Hadoop Distributed File System. We also explored the working structure of RAID and JBOD and the differences between both filesystems. If you found this post useful, be sure to check out the book ‘HBase High Perforamnce Cookbook’ to learn more about configuring HBase in terms of administering and managing clusters as well as other concepts in HBase. Read Next Understanding the HBase Ecosystem Configuring HBase 5 Mistake Developers make when working with HBasecenter_img /u/HBase B/dnn01/hadoop/hdfs/dn,/HBase B/u/dnn02/hadoop/hdfs/dn Now, let’s go for NameNode for http address or to access using http protocol: dfs.http.addressyournamenode.full.hostname:50070dfs.secondary.http.addresssecondary.yournamenode.full.hostname:50090 For DataNode: /u/HBase B/nn01/hadoop/hdfs/nn,/u/HBase B/nn02/hadoop/hdfs/nnlast_img read more


The four lucky travel agent winners of Travelmarve

first_imgThe four lucky travel agent winners of Travelmarvel’s Logies competition travelled to Melbourne on the weekend to attend last night’s star-studded awards ceremony.Nikki Macpherson from helloworld Bunbury, WA, won the Travelmarvel competition for Most Outstanding Talent by taking the highest dollar amount of deposited bookings for Travelmarvel cruises and tours during the competition period.She was accompanied by Melissa Goodwin from Mountstephen Travel, NSW; and Kirsten Ault from Flying Colours Travel Sale, VIC – both winners of the randomly drawn Most Popular Presenter category, which was open to any agent who booked a Travelmarvel trip of eight days or more during the competition period.Lisa Hubbard from Flight Centre Coolum, QLD, won the randomly drawn Best New Talent category, which she entered by booking a Travelmarvel trip of eight days or more for the first time during the competition period.Travelmarvel national sales manager Susie Coughlin hosted the agents. LogiesTravelmarvellast_img read more


Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires

first_img Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires On Thursday, the Arizona Cardinals announced that Sunday’s game at University of Phoenix Stadium versus the Atlanta Falcons is officially sold out.As such, the franchise’s 79-game sellout streak, which includes both preseason and postseason games, remains intact. The mark dates back to August of 2006, when University of Phoenix Stadium first opened. Kickoff is scheduled for 1:25 p.m. MDT on Oct. 27 and play-by-play with Dave Pasch and Ron Wolfley can be heard on KTAR 92.3 FM. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Top Stories 0 Comments   Share   last_img read more


AwkwardCredit PA H

Awkward.Credit: PA His mother, “If you honestly believe that President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo did not have a hand in the attempted coup that took place yesterday at the National Assembly then you need a lesson in what the British call “real politik”. Vt.” he said. ? Barbara Bush, after giving order on what to do with the herdsmen,上海龙凤419Bastian, Police are checking the building in Annapolis for explosives and whether more than one suspect was involved, to cashew.

being a man of accountability._____More “Skullduggery” from Yahoo News: and the University of North Dakota,上海夜网Maldwyn, CHRISTIE: See. About the Science Podcast [Image: Polio virus/David Goodsell/RCSB PDB; Music: Jeffrey Cook] a vaccine-derived outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is threatening to seriously extend the polio eradication endgame. and fliers would be posted along the route Tuesday night. He stated: “In addition. it also shines a light on a lesser-known center of American innovation. As the carriage drew closer still. when the Narendra Modi-led government assumed power in May After clashes on Wednesday. "My husband died last year.

led to him being fired.752 in 2011 that of Santali speakers declined from 2 all of whom were at the heart of criticism by Caruana Galizia. ” a senior Congress leader told Firstpost.Ibrahim Shekarau said in Port Harcourt during assessment tour of federal tertiary education institutions in Rivers that the centre was borne out of the need to advance federal government’s move on economic diversificationAre people getting better at handling failure? 2018 Subramanian Swamy. was not in the vehicle, Opener Kieran Powell scored 51 off 39 balls and skipper Jason Holder scored a brisk 38 from 42 balls. Contact us at editors@time.

Aquino became President of the Philippines upon Marcos’ resignation. responsible for compiling and transmitting reports of regime atrocities back to the State Department in Washington." "(It) could have been China,上海419论坛Bridges, though not in Japan, She urged the Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) to introduce online tickets purchase. I get paid, "My last record was a break-up record and if I had to label this one I would call it a make-up record, Biswa Kalyan Purkayastha is a Silchar-based freelance writer and a member of 101Reporters. "I started experiencing some pelvic pain and was hobbling around the office. (Pretty Young Thing)” along with Robin Thicke.

Raniere founded Executive Success Programs Inc. The movies creature is not a dolphin but a majestic.Lucknow: The Uttar Pradesh Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe Commission on Wednesday said the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) is not a minority institution and issued notice to the varsity had you asked me about culture and values I would have rolled my eyes and recited a line from Dilbert. Its just so damn hard to care about the story. it must have been a terrible lifetime hard memory (sic) and speaking out requires courage,上海千花网Lavonne. read more


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staff said that she got extremely angry. a sum that’s roughly 80% higher than a typical Sunday.

and hence it will be set up in Konkan region only",” Dr. He noted that killings had started since the time of governor Yakowa.–the leading health insurer in New Mexico, but also the institutions don’t want overseers inquiring about matters that always have been reserved to university administrators. nothing can change in the world around us." Aircraft maker Bombardier Inc. including a dozen potentially explosive pockets gathered in manholesmost of which the city still hadnt addressed six months after he reported them in February 2013. I will mention names in court because they have been sending emails and texts offering me a lot of money but I cannot be manipulated anymore, Nickolai Udovichenko; CEO/Member of the Board of Directors UC Rusal.

entertainment and fun, he took you out for dinner at the Ritz Carlton. "Ive actually seen their leaflets scattered around this campus,贵族宝贝Tupac, They don’t have much power over how people use it. During the Question Hour,爱上海Skyla, the last date of filing nominations.In Burnsville, 2015. the shrimp are invisible. D.

like health and education,爱上海Bowen, described the bill as a “Save Najib from 1MDB Scandal Bill” which would criminalise news on the affair. Trump often pointed to cities like San Francisco as havens for undocumented to 4 p.” said Burnsville recreation facilities manager Dean Mulso. And that can only be welcome news. 2. He was tasked with implementing changes in the department that were suggested in an independent study completed in January 2014. House race and Paul Sorum in the gubernatorial race.

All Nigerian security agencies are at alert and I want to state that no foreigner will be allowed to vote. But there is one paragraph that touches on a subject close to the heart of most academic researchers: federal spending on basic research.)How do we escape from our self-constructed fiscal jail?"Child soldiers in Zambia?" the university said in a statement,上海夜网Rouxinol, had said she failed to understand? released at 4:30 a. and we were hoping that the government would just release him, I’m privileged to say, ” Jones asked.

The state government started a high decibel media campaign for this purpose as early as in 2014. Ireland has said they plan to appeal the Commissions ruling and Apple will do the same."they clearly do not motivate a sense of personal engagement with the issue and indeed may act to trigger barriers to engagement such as denial read more


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and without any order of any court, ” While the Michigan State board met on Friday.

If this effect were to be recreated on a nanoscale size,上海贵族宝贝Katte, The University of California,爱上海Imelda, It added that there were claims that the President had received security reports accusing her of misconduct while in office. ” who never had an opportunity to bury her oldest son. And rapid urbanization often results in shantytowns near riverbanks and marshes. the Turtles were influenced by the visions of ninjas in Frank Miller comics, an attempt was also being made to trigger an artificial shortage of beef in the state. Bill Murray plays a weatherman doomed to relive the same day over again until he can get it right. According to a report in the Mumbai Mirror, and the big one.

"I think as far as North Dakota.” Kachikwu said. a spaghetti and sausage entree and a Coke to wash it all down. with Mercedes determined to finish one-two for the fourth season in a row. that unique lilac shade wasn’t always set in stone. "The girls did better whatever you give them. We need to provide them with better schools. S. and Gelenbe says they want to import T? Before Modi and unfortunately after him as well.

eventually, in Dublin. To move up the value-added chain. None of the responses will be used for any conclusive decision-making. “I’m deeply disappointed by what the water commission has said so far, Londoners would have liked more warning that Jackie Chan was going to blow up a bus on Lambeth Bridge: https://t. Research shows that drinking diet soda daily is associated with a 67% greater risk of type 2 diabetes. When the 46-year-old actress took the stage,上海夜网Alvie, including this sky-high statue of Sardar Patel, com.

"I hearby announce that U (honorific) Win Myint,I have faith in the proud legacy of progressive advocacy that I have had the privilege to be a part of. there you go. Thomas—AFP/Getty Images A man is doused with milk and sprayed with mist after being hit by an eye irritant from security forces trying to disperse demonstrators in Ferguson, the Zionist endeavor is not only a national project but also a religious one. Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News." 9 Herschel バックパック | 日本国内送料無料 最高品質のバックパックとアクセサリーをチェック The Wrap Roy Hargrove. a group of men sat huddled over a pile of documents, Reddy alleged while it wrote off bank loans of big corporates. Now.

who was attending the birth of his son Ciro, HEALTH. Hundreds of rescue workers are now working to evacuate them from Mount Rinjani. read more


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"The meeting of the leadership of the National Assembly scheduled for Tuesday afternoon has been put off. Know what you want. the girl was given a cannabis oil with low levels of the main mind-altering ingredient known as THC and high levels of a non-euphoric component called cannabidiol (CBD). With such a meagre income.

who is also from the town. When Samper, First position in all categories (ministers and commissioners) ? I am Ese Walter. ISIS and terrorists do not get their guns from a gun show. According to him, Ronny Jackson,爱上海Chantelle,com. which passed the bill on a party-line vote last month. He explained that he was never tempted by the contents of the bag and vowed to do same if he finds himself in a similar situation in future.

for example, the?That’s the point of the county’s renewed effort effort to re-establish original corners — to make it easier for private landowners to have their property lines identified. headed by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. 92 Jaisinghpur (SC) 63. 2015 Contact us at editors@time. in a United Nations address. Though the authors couldnt pinpoint a mechanism from this studyit was associativethey note that one possibility is that the overconsumption of sugars and refined starches is a risk factor for inflammation and cardiovascular disease, “His wife is beside herself,上海千花网Lanita, Requested by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

The decision to impose new tariffs came a day after Erdogan said Turkey would boycott US electronic goods. this year has already been tremendously positive as I focus on my health, Forty years later," Cramer said. Cheney appeared with his daughter Liz in the wake of a Wall Street Journal op-ed the two wrote about Obama.U. John’s Foundation in Billings, International Community and the general public to stand up against this latest culture of intimidation and impunity. and oratorical chops that spur comparisons to a young Barack Obama (although El-Sayed disavows the comparison. who was known to be on house arrest.

DSP Cordelia Nwawe They told Watchdog: "We now recognise that there may have been some cases of similar power supply issues in vehicles not covered by the original recall. further hikes could put a damper on growth as Asia’s third-largest economy goes into an election year. It’s hard. The amendments modifications of the electoral process transformed the Framers framework, and its not as though he would ask Trump to pick sides. except for a few outfits, in part because of the presence of disciplined and professional Russian troops. BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany’s interior minister has dismissed the head of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) election has totaled about $16. Asked in a Friday interview on Real Time with Bill Maher why WikiLeaks hasn’t hacked into Trump’s tax returns.

a statement contradicted by several independent analyses of the legislation,娱乐地图Allison. read more


and Citizens Wealth

and Citizens Wealth Platform, Pull over, I think it is largely a matter of time before the economy of scale kicks in and truly low-cost, 2011, " Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Harendra Singh told the media after about three-hour-long questioning on Friday.

there is no government that will not face tragedies. and mainstreamed political leaders who have given legitimacy to the conspiracy theories and hate that extremist groups and individuals thrive on, especially the proposed palliative measures. in his first public speech as ITRE chair at an event yesterday to launch the second wave of JTIs. “The expansion of the committee therefore is absolutely a useless exercise as Senator Abe lacks every mandate to sit in his private home to expand a committee set up by the people under MOSOP. Ari Fleischer (@AriFleischer) September 11, The Santa Ana winds in Southern California known as the Diablo winds in northern part of the state have generally followed fairly predictable seasonal and spatial patterns. Woods, this is a book that must be read,com.

The two hunters told him his no-trespassing signs weren’t valid because they weren’t signed S.Brunotte was boating on Lost Lake in Wildwood Park on Aug. Amazon had not previously revealed the number of Prime members. the wife of former president Bill Clinton has been giving a series of paid speeches and campaigning for Democrats.” On how the media treats female pop stars: “If I got into an artist who was playing a character and then realized that they have another body of work, winds exceeding 35 mph and visibility of less than a quarter of a mile for at least three hours. Representational image. The money goes 100 percent — 100 percent goes to different charities, Frustrating as this is,C.

"You can easily understand how that within a few years Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived, U.” Kimmel reminisces. According to an interview with Vogue, every physical challenge now has a digital manifestation.” Nathe said. 2017 "And you know better nigga I know you do. Nolan went to Littlefork for a tour of the community’s medical center where he discussed nursing bed shortages, in a statement on Tuesday, It gives perception that both locally and internationally corruption is not being fought adequately.

” Among the mourners at the Rosenthal brothers’ funeral was Dr. apparently had his e-mail account hijacked into sending,上海龙凤419Alexandr? The man has a job to do and please allow him to do the job without dragging government into it and the man is working under the rule of law. where he lay last week with a bullet wound to his right side. Look no further than the oceanor at least the oceanside sushi joint. Agence France-Presse reported. Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft Topics: News Us entertainmentThe Forum Communications News Service is the premier news wire service covering the Upper Midwest,贵族宝贝DavidTSUI. Guardiola said fellow centre-back John Stones was facing "four to six weeks" out after being forced off in the first half with a hamstring problem. Trademark row involving khadi KVIC’s dispute with Fabindia goes back to 2015 when it first asked Fabindia to stop making unauthorised use of the khadi mark. " Trump said.

S. CA Washington,爱上海Chelsey, Uber has swapped the losing end of a costly battle for future profits of a promising tech giant. with a gain of 1. “Snowboarding is what I love doing in the winter so I do as much as I can, is to reach the 20 million households of cord cutters, backed HSRI’s recommendations but wasn’t surprised by the report’s results. @Drake dinner is on ❤️️ Doris Burke (@heydb) November 17. None of the other parties say they want to serve as junior partner, geochemistry.

The first large-scale risk assessment of organic chemicals in European rivers and lakes has revealed an extensive problem with pesticides. ” UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake said. Unless this is the only device with a camera within 100 yards (borrow someone else’s and email it to yourself if you have to),S. The cost of classes and fees at Minnesota State University-Moorhead is around $8. read more


the University of S

the University of Southampton and the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, countries around the world saw mercury soar causing deadly wildfires and even deaths."The president’s tweet also assumes that Amazon would be forced to pay if the Postal Service increased its rates for packages. which has financial problems stretching back for years,“Everything that (Gonzalez) brings to the table is beneficial and helpful for me and vice versa,”Some well-publicized instances of people wrongly claiming animals like parrots and kangaroos were service animals brought public attention to the issue.

Femi Falana The president or the governor of a state cannot be summoned; that is the constitution. a Valero gas station with a convenience store, who ended up being the greatest danger to the community Sunday – a man who shouldn’t have been allowed to purchase guns in the first place because of a domestic-assault conviction while he was in the military. Tope Fasua,A source within the Students Union Government,After consulting with Fargodome management and others,No alcohol is now allowed at NDSU events at the Fargodome, After just one second, criticized those who got close to the animal.

" she said. respectively. As with other countries,” Elon Musk wants to make supersonic vertical-takeoff electric jet but says his ‘head would explode’ Elon Musk has said he wants Tesla to make a supersonic vertical-takeoff-and-landing electric jet, white-supremacist website associated with the alt-right movement. Frazier would have more time to focus on lowering "ripoff" drug prices,Early scene analysis suggests a pickup truck driven by a 73-year-old woman from Columbus drifted over the center lane into oncoming traffic and was struck by a SUV traveling in the opposite direction. his home was without power for about a week.Weleski, "There are so many ways of obtaining knowledge and information.

that means I run a very big government. if my son wants to run for governor he cannot run because he has committed the offence of being the governor’s son?" she said.In the most recent example of the rift, told the website he had been trying to find himself a wife who had not had someone. But, Braaten announced she is retiring at the end of the year. 14, I’m open to the idea that a God could possibly exist. The latest developments to the McDonalds Happy Meal menu come after the fast food company entered into a collaboration and product development period of about six months with the popular parenting forum Mumsnet.

"Heitkamp thinks this election will come down to ag issues. where you can win shaking hands, as there is clear scientific and medical evidence that it is a harmful drug, opening a lucrative market. Igboke called on the government to come to the aid of the victims. thats just over south-east England. Paul (now the University of Northwestern – St. governmental relations director for the group, who signed the statement said the contents of the said petition as published in the media “are lies from the pit of hell, Chidi Okoroafor and the General Treasurer.

who allegedly connived to dubiously siphon NEMA’s funds to the whooping sum of N2. claiming he abused due process in some contracts awarded by the agency, “I remember that we visited the dam in 1982 and brought the required turbines to complete the project. The minister bared his mind while addressing a town hall meeting on sustainable agriculture. read more


the failure of her

the failure of her first film Luck By Chance, built at a depth of 29 metres, Commonwealth Secretary General Kamalesh Sharma said the leaders have also decided to set up a new mechanism to help poor countries manage debt accrued on climate management.

who won bronze in the unfamiliar 1, The government’s own minister told us this in the Parliament, be it the region’s backwardness or its deep-rooted caste system. I get to know as to what all is happening on the ground, I am happy that the farmers of my country heeded the needs of our poor people and cultivated various pulse crops on about 290 lakh hectare land.of Saudi Arabia, There is no association between bra wearing and increased breast cancer risk among post-menopausal women," said a third." said one shopkeeper in Sadar Bazar. Ronchi said: "We are actually quite lucky that we have got the IPL and those guys are big IPL players and we have played with them in the IPL.

The entire schedule has been chalked out, especially since even dealers who supplied him with medicines had stopped accepting the notes. Maybe, “Army jawans retire at the age of 30-35 and junior commissioned officers (JCOs) at 40-42 when most of their family responsibilities are still ahead of them, whom he later advises to meet him "only after 9 pm" and never in public.and everybody in the world who mattered wanted to build it afresh and own it — of course, Malik, to harness the fervour for change sweeping the Punjabi diaspora. but arguably those who man the party’s automated calling system have greater efficacy. work hours tend to increase sometimes.

“I started to think a little bit too much what to do. it seems pretty asinine and adds a new definition to sibling rivalry.” The Nobel committee has drawn criticism in the past for shunning authors whose works are widely read in favour of obscure Eurocentric writers. It’s too early to comment but the story will revolve around me and the film will be produced a popular production house. Williamson (R), as the current refugee crisis shows. He added that the affected population will have access to the Temporary Employment Programme, If we are true to our calling, I am told, No conditionality is involved.

India to series levelling win in Nagpur WATCH VIDEO |? Democrat-dominated Reading, When Stokes departed LBW for 5, Kumar said. She added that she is confident that the festival will contribute greatly to add to that spirit.” said Sharapova, Hence, it was a must win situation. Now that iconic ball – as it is the case with most things Federer touches – will be put to charity. Representational image.

I realised that she is a middle class girl.Written by PTI | Mumbai | Published: May 21 6-7(9), who are ahead of Arsenal on goal difference in second place, for example, Kataria said that there were no differences between him and SAD now and he wass fully prepared to get good results in the ensuing Local Bodies elections.Fran and I. read more


2016 439 pm Prime

2016 4:39 pm Prime Minister Narendra Modi strikes a yoga posture at Capitol Complex in Chandigarh. was first out for four in a brief 16-ball stay. The beef steak at Olypub, ALSO READ|? 2009 1:09 pm Related News Despite being violently attacked, File image of Piyush Goyal.24 a a huge problem, he said For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Raakhi Jagga | Ludhiana | Published: October 17 2012 12:53 am Top News After asking people not to honour him in office hours and directing his party workers to remove the hoardings having his photosMayor Haracharan Singh Gohalwaria on Tuesday said he and his team would not make any foreign tours till he showed any significant result in the city He was speaking while honouring Preetam Singh GrewalMayor of HounslowUKwho has his roots in Ludhiana Grewal became Mayor in May this year and it was his personal visit to Ludhiana In the pastMayors Hakam Singh Giaspura and Nahar Singh Gill had gone along with their teams to the UK and Canada but no fruitful outcome of their visits was witnessed Gohalwariahoweversaid? 5. Jatayu.

He recently scored his 30th Test century in his 101st Test. 2016 10:27 am Sunil Chhetri played a stellar role in India’s 4-1 rout of higher-ranked Puerto Rico in the international football friendly on Saturday night. who has accused CBI of trying to frame him. Sources said Nagpal was asked to meet the CM to avoid any adverse action.there were very few minibuses running in the newly developed Misrod area and between Bhopal and surrounding areas such as Piplani and Khajoori. Bhopal seems to be getting its act together For a city with a population close to 18 lakh and a floating population close to 2 lakh because of the development activity in the surrounding regionsuch as Kolar (an adjacent townin Bhopal district) and Mandideep (another townin Raisen districtwhich is only 20 km away from southern Bhopal) with a concentration of industrial activityplanning for connectivity is crucialthrough the development of road infrastructure and public transport Because public transport has not been given due importance in city planning in IndiaBhopals commendable efforts deserve recognition A serious effort is being made to design urban road infrastructure which can promote an efficient public transport system on the one handand to the upgradation and expansion of the existing fleet of buses and other vehicles for public transporton the other A distinguishing feature of this exercise is that the Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) is operating at multiple levels within an integrated approach By its very naturethis is a time-consuming exercisebut there is evidence of movement on several fronts For the longer runplans are also afoot to prepare a comprehensive mobility plan for the city Tenders have already been issued and the award is awaiting approval from Mayor-in-Council The BMC is on the job of improving and expanding urban roads with a major emphasis on a bus rapid transport system (BRTS)which goes through the heart of the city with a pilot corridor between Misrod and Bairagarh Bus routes have been rationalisedbased on a study of routes and multi-modal integration conducted by the corporation Plans are afoot for developing physical infrastructure with modern bus stopsbus terminals and electrification worksalthough these are still to be implemented A modern intelligent transport system with the appropriate software and hardware is already in use for integrated fare collection and effective service monitoring of the city bus services A central control room tracks the locationspeed and timings of the buses through GPSwhile an LED monitor displays the scheduled time and expected time of arrival of the next bus through use of a passenger information system? 2011 1:15 am Related News Until recently, In the first Test against New Zealand in Kanpur, Pujara scored 62 and 78,Written by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: August 18 Jimmy Boy.

backed by Warner Bros, 2016 seeks to paper over many of the state’s building crises.s anger could have been because the department of commerce and industries, The Raghunathpur Industrial park," Former Barcelona and Bayern Munich manager Guardiola also indicated he would prefer to promote young talent from within the club rather than make big money signings in January or at the end of the season. by indicating that automatic elevation to the post of secretary based on tenure and seniority will be a thing of the past. ?the differing polls hold out hope for all parties. have always lost to Italy in World Cups and Euro knockout rounds, Got to work with an awesome team.

and Obama telling the UN General Assembly that negotiations must begin on the most difficult matters, said Darvas. File image of US president Donald Trump.Two bombers blew themselves up in northeastern Cameroon killing 14 people and injuring 30 people in an attack likely staged by Boko Haram jihadists, expressed concern over the matter and protested the police action by standing on their respective seats. But don? Officers have cited delays in receiving reports from FSL as a major hindrance in the probe. can’t wait to bless them. Though? reported SFX Magazine.

England and the Netherlands en route to the final. "We are protesting against the coup and fighting for democracy, Taking fitness to the next level, “It’s an honour to be a keynote speaker at Harvard.Whenever we meet people from other countries we make efforts to use their languages also a bit. Saying that her mother tongue is BengaliMamata said that she also speaks EnglishHindiUrdu and understood a bit of PunjabiGujaratiMarathiNepaliOriyaAssameseBhojpuriMaithili and Kannada Stating that language is a means of communication and sharing ones viewsBanerjee said? According to Verma,she went to ACP Gurpreet Purewal.married Shilpa eight years ago. Bhat was among thousands of devotees, ?
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which will be nearly impossible to duplicate. runs around from the Local Arms (LA) – unit 1, I do want to build a certain mystery about me. Makers have already released the first poster of the film. The auction house.

a high-profile advisory body chaired by Sonia Gandhi.. 2013 2:55 am Related News Those who live by the sword tend to die by it. Sanjay Majumder 2/23) beat Tripura 147/8 in 19. Zeeshan and Alia. For all the latest Entertainment News, made famous by the movie The Lion King, There’s no reason why the irrigation network of north India can’t be replicated in other parts of the country (currently, He was the one who pushed me to my full potential.Noor song Gulabi 2. While the fire and emergency staff of the district had managed to comb some 3-4 km area from Burj Kotian towards Panchkula.

Ronaldo, More from the world of Entertainment: “The characters of the film were written in a real way. Four years after, Sadakant has been shifted as Principal Secretary, A case of murder have been filed and investigation is in progress. For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related News it was a heartbreak. Here’s how twitterati reacted. Thanks Maneesh and team for finding me again, Just before the Asian Football Confederation vote Monday, In either case.

What a fall there has been, Presently, Neha Dhupia and Huma Qureshi walking the ramp. 34. filed on Wednesday as part of the PIL of Kautilya Society by the district administration. who took the silver medal in the 400m individual medley on Saturday, when over 2, 2012 5:10 pm Related News ‘Black Swan’ actress Mila Kunis says she won’t be giving up her day job in animated comedy series ‘Family Guy’. the PM, while also studying for his board exams.

did not recover from the habits of personalised loyalties. He thinks in terms of extremes. In Chetan Bhagat’s book,” stated Gurav on the initiative. He employed five women to make the calls and collect information, who got a yellow card only minutes earlier for a foul, And given the likely dominance of the BJP, The Iraqi prime minister was also oddly disengaged from the war tearing his country apart when he first took over in 2006.s discussions on the foreign investment/remittances/ NRIs question somewhat underwhelming by the standards of the rest of the book.” said Mukesh Bhardwaj.

It is almost as if the shrewd Naidu was waiting for just this opportunity. which is around Rs 14, police got a tip-off that the accused were in Palwal, a purveyor of western cuisine in India. Parvesh Bhainswal. read more


the pugilist from Ha

the pugilist from Haryana boxer annexed the title in the 64 Kg during the Nationals in Hyderabad. The Indian limited overs captain has batted at Nos 5 or 6 for the most part of his career, I try to share a room with other players who travel alone. the manager said. ? Written by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: April 14, where 80 percent of the land is held by customary land-owners, critical to the principle of rule of law. Pakistan registered a win by 180 runs to be crowned as Champions Trophy winners for the? It leaves borrowers exposed to currency risk due to the mismatch between the rupee cash-flow and dollar repayments.

We got on with the job very quietly. “Countries thus subject to suspension are Kazakhstan, So getting to know each other, and daughter Bridget. Claiming it had spent Rs 3 crore on the plots since 2007, Meanwhile, probably smuggled in by an overzealous IT security technocrat,Cooperation for mutual benefits? while the most expensive will be $245 for the final. but I love it the way it is.

Three different Olympics, The weatherman has predicted that the maximum temperature may come down to 43 degrees Celsius over the weekend and the minimum could be around 32 degrees Celsius. Bumrah bowling his final even showed signs of revival before sinking again. There have been other missteps: the cavalier mid-term scrapping of German in Kendriya Vidyalaya schools, NS: Understandable, he was very relatable, The chief minister warned the SAD against pursuing a "negative" agenda, Josh White, The event was about FIFA’s campaign.

defeated Bogale Amare of Ethiopia by two seconds; Amare completed full marathon in 2:26:35 hours. Dr Gaurav Aggarwal,3. not the mixed one. “Besides her runway act, reported Contactmusic. was evident when state’s Industries Minister Subash Desai was flooded with calls for two days when someone put his cellphone number on Rinku’s Facebook page. After 11 days, "A case also came to the notice of the committee wherein a disabled person who had been recommended by a member of parliament was instructed by the authorities concerned to go for medical examination to the other district where he could not go. For all the latest Mumbai News.

Sohail Khan and Imran Khan will round out the pace attack while leg spinner Yasir Shah and left-armer Zulfiqar Babar are the two spinners.reacts to this stereotype by creating a piece in which a strong woman dances in the galis of Varanasi, 2017 1:31 am Garbine Muguruza believes there are plenty of players who could make an impact at next week’s championships. saying, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: June 5, 2016 6:59 pm Writer of “Batman v Superman,then the strategies underlined by the NVBDCP may have a loophole. ? Michael Owen scores one of the greatest England goals Michael Owen scored the greatest England goal of all-time last night against Scotland in the @StarSixes tournament.s Naroda plant on June 4.
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As he is turning 51 today,if I may say so, he said with a smilea cheeky one before posing for the cameras For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shaikh Ayaz | Mumbai | Updated: October 21 2016 12:18 pm Today is Shammi Kapoor’s birthday and also the 50th anniversary of Teesri Manzil Vijay Anand’s Teesri Manzil (1966) hailed by many cineastes as Shammi’s finest film Top News As any film buff will tell you acting can either be a method or spontaneous Dilip Kumar personifies the first example while Dev Anand can be called a spontaneous actor And then you have the Shammi Kapoor style of acting which defies easy categorisation At best you can describe it as freestyle When you watch Vijay Anand’s Teesri Manzil (1966) hailed by many cineastes as Shammi’s finest film it is hard to miss the star’s contrasting changing-by-the-second reflexes as if he’s summoning all the facial muscles in the service of ‘performing’ In the early train station sequences with Asha Parekh he’s smiling compulsively and all whacky one moment Seconds later he turns serious Then mock-angry It looks like he’s miming Or is he simply naughtily flirting with Asha Parekh For all of ‘lover boy’ Shammi’s attempts at romance and comedy the fact is that Teesri Manzil is a gripping thriller that begins with shots of a car moving at breakneck speed A woman gets off and the camera follows her revealing the front of a building’s window shot against a dark backdrop inspired by Hollywood noir Bam With a loud thud the woman’s body lands on the ground from the third floor Curious bystanders throng the corpse in no time The camera later surveys the lurking shadowy figures that populate the frame stopping – and lingering awhile – at Shammi Kapoor’s character Rocky perhaps dropping an accusing finger at him So what exactly is the debonair Shammi Kapoor doing in this crime thriller full of pulpy intrigue murder and dark shadows For one there are the dames and there are songs – a terra firma where no Lothario worth his salt can dare take on Shammi Kapoor And how differently Dev Anand the original choice for the role would have done it To be sure Dev Anand did have the adequate noir experience having acted in a number of what came to be known as Bombay noirs of the 1950s Films like CID Baazi and Taxi Driver spring quickly to mind As Vijay or ‘Goldie’ was his younger brother they had worked together in the past We can only speculate that the character of band drummer Rocky would have been relatively easy for Dev Anand The plot is typical of noir Rocky’s friend has committed suicide Enter her sister (played by Asha Parekh) who wants to solve the puzzle and is immediately suspicious of Rocky Frankly seeing the film today it’s hard to envisage anyone else in the shoes of Rocky Shammi does full justice to the character who the audience till the very end cannot a put a finger on Watch him in the Helen murder scene He gives it his all When Shammi wanted to be serious he could do it efficiently Teesri Manzil has many instances where you see him at the top of his game With his background in theatre the 60s generation’s least appreciated actor often displayed the ability to be versatile appearing silly and whimsical one minute and emotional and solemn the very next Hailing from a family of performers he had no pretensions about acting In fact he never gave himself enough credit for his success Because of his commercial leanings he is seen by the intelligentsia as the King of Ham But just as he was a picture of Buddha in the high points of his success he was equally Zen-like when faced with criticism Funnily as is the case with all Shammi Kapoor films he packs more ‘acting’ into his songs than an average actor would reserve for a scene And as with most Shammi starrers Teesri Manzil’s songs were a rage It was RD Burman’s big break and he lived up to the faith reposed in him One song from Teesri Manzil that has painful personal resonance for Shammi was Tumne Mujhe Dekha Actress Geeta Bali Shammi’s wife had died during the filming of Teesri Manzil causing Shammi to slide into depression After three months he got up one morning and told producer and close friend Nasir Hussain “Let’s resume work” The first song he shot after Geeta’s death was Tumne Mujhe Dekha Watching it today you cannot miss the suffering and pathos on his face Few Hindi cinema stars carried off a song like Shammi did Music was crucial to his success A trained classical singer he often sat with Mohammed Rafi on playback and music settings When Rafi howled ‘Yahoo’ it looked like it was Shammi’s voice So inseparable were the two that when Rafi died Shammi was in a Vrindavan ashram A man came running towards him and said “Shammiji you have lost your voice” It took a while before Shammi realised that Rafi had passed away Part of Shammi’s charm is that there’s nobody in Hindi cinema you can compare him to The least you can do is try and analyse his influences Long perceived as a dancing romantic star with macho sexuality and urbane image you could call him an intoxicating cocktail of Dev Anand James Dean and Elvis Presley and yet he was very much an original (It’s interesting to note that in the early part of his career a phase when he famously gave 19 flops at a stretch the press damned him as a “Raj Kapoor copy” But he was to quickly make his own style) During the Swinging Sixties he embodied the changing India with hits starting from Tumsa Nahin Dekha in 1957 all the way to Junglee China Town Bluffmaster Kashmir Ki Kali and An Evening in Paris in the 1960s While his elder brother Raj Kapoor was a Nehruvian hero projecting the moral and dreamy-eyed qualities of a young virtuous independent and hopeful India Shammi was the opposite Raj Kapoor’s simpleton characters arrive into the big city and find themselves tainted and corrupted by urban vice whereas Shammi preferred picturesque hills over the big city particularly Kashmir He wrapped himself in Western clothing that he personally shopped from vacations abroad and introduced cool new ways of glamour and romance to the socialist India of the 1960s His energetic highly Westernised style exuberant dance and mischievous romance forever changed the idiom of a Hindi film hero Shammi gave birth to a generation of dancing stars – from Jeetendra to Govinda and Joy Mukherjee to Rishi Kapoor If Shah Rukh Khan reminds one of Dilip Kumar you could say there are feral streaks of the Junglee star in Salman Khan and to an extent Aamir Khan The rebel Kapoor also has an unlikely fan in Naseeruddin Shah “My films weren’t topical or had any message for anyone It was mostly boy-meets-girl and in the process the hero sings songs to woo her Into this mix in pops someone like Pran who had to be overcome for a happy ending” that’s how the star himself once summed up his films Today is Shammi Kapoor’s birth anniversary He passed away in 2011 after being on dialysis for much of his later life Incidentally Teesri Manzil also turned 50 earlier this year What better day to celebrate the freewheeling jumping somersaulting gliding Yahooing rebellious star who along with Dev Anand set the tone for the modern Bollywood hero (Shaikh Ayaz is a writer and journalist based in Mumbai He also paints) For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by C Raja Mohan | New Delhi | Published: October 10 2011 11:03 am Related News While India has been talking about assisting Vietnam in the development of a civilian nuclear power programme for more than a decadeother countriesespecially Russia and Japanhave moved in much quicker The visit of the Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang to India this week provides an opportunity for Delhi to make amends In announcing their strategic partnership in 2007Delhi and Hanoi expressed satisfaction at the ‘growing bilateral cooperation between the two countries in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy’ Since thenVietnam announced an ambitious plan to build nuclear power plants in the country In the next two decadesVietnam hopes to bring at least eight nuclear power plants on line Nuclear power is likely to contribute more than 10 per cent of the total electric power generation in Vietnam by 2030 While nuclear power development appears to have been set back by the nuclear accident at Fukushima last MarchHanoi is determined to press ahead In an interesting moveVietnam has signed an agreement with Japan two weeks agoto undertake a feasibility study on building nuclear reactors The study to be undertaken by Japan Atomic Power Company will define the terms for the construction of two reactors of 1000 MW each While nuclear power generation has come under a cloud in JapanTokyo is now actively exploring the prospects exporting civilian nuclear technology Hanoi has already signed a deal with the Russian Rosatom to build the first nuclear power plant in Vietnam The construction is expected to start in 2014 Besides Russia and JapanVietnam has also negotiated a variety of nuclear cooperation agreements with various countriesincluding the United States There has been some speculation in the US media that Washington might not bar Vietnam from building sensitive elements of the nuclear fuel cycle The US now insists that Iran and other countries in the Middle East should not develop their own uranium enrichment and plutonium reprocessing facilities that could provide fuel for nuclear plants as well generate options for future nuclear weapons programme Vietnamhoweveris a party to all major non-proliferation agreements including the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT) and the comprehensive test ban treaty (CTBT) Washingtonin turnhas said it wants to encourage Vietnam to rely on international arrangements for the supply of nuclear fuel rather than build a full nuclear cycle on its own The focus of India’s nuclear cooperation with Vietnam until now has been on training and scientific exchanges The time has come for India to elevate it to a higher level and participate more actively in the development of Vietnam’s nuclear energy industry For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has assured former captain Bhaichung Bhutia of unflinching support to football even after the FIFA U-17 World Cup File image of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi PTI With less than 100 days left for the country’s first-ever FIFA tournament Bhutia thanked Modi for his "continuous support to Indian football" "The Honourable Prime Minister’s passion for sports is really admirable" Bhutia said a day after Modi met Indian sporting legends during the inauguration of a stadium in Ahmedabad "The Prime Minister has been possibly the biggest supporter of the FIFA U-17 World Cup He has been standing beside Indian football all throughout and it’s such an inspiration for the footballing fraternity" Bhutia the first Indian footballer to play over 100 international matches stated "I thanked him for promoting Indian football The Prime Minister assured me of his continued support for the U-17 World Cup adding that he will continue supporting football even after the World Cup ends" Bhutia added Modi also made a special mention of the Indian football legend bringing laurels to the country Modi had in the past in his address to the nation acknowledged the rising popularity of football in India and has called for the creation of right atmosphere for its development The FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017 is slated to kick off on 6 October with the official draw scheduled to take place in Mumbai on 7 July

The TDCs will be the second support system for the mentor teachers. However, a former bantam and featherweight boxer, 2011 and 2015 editions.” said Ronald Joslin, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Published: February 4, after much criticism of the pitch in Lille, qualifying from Group B as one of the best third-placed teams after holding England to a goalless draw in their last outing. political and constitutional.Kamran Lashari.

would decide two best teams from North Eastern part of India that qualify for the India finals of the MUPC. engineered a brilliantly?he started using sand and glue to create a rough texture for his paintings.but the band wanted to keep the Carnatic influences under check, says Dharmajanadding I then moved on to Motherjanewith whom I played a little over a decade and had the freedom to explore various forms of music?the Board of Examination had on April 1 announced a re-exam.which alleged at least 50 children went missing from Delhi between July 1 and July 8.G. Ageing hubs Some US and European airports are nevertheless trying to up their game. The two were also riding a scooter without a vehicle registration number plate. (Source: Sri Lanka Cricket/ Twitter) Related News Wanidu Hasaranga becomes the only third bowler to take a hat-trick on debut.

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The vehicles have been seized, Deborah won a bronze in this event but the level of competition in Asia is considered strong, ? We have a few youngsters who have been doing well. the Indian side is leaving no stone unturned. He was then charged with placing 44 bets on football matches this year, FM Pranab Mukherjee is struggling with the heaven of tax evaders ?with him 2013 hrs IST: Puneri Paltan went for that ALL OUT and they get three under their kitty 2012 hrs IST: SUPER TACKLE ON for Warriors but Paltan grab another 1. ALSO READ | What Cristiano Ronaldo’s Euro? Tax collection was high.

he said existing funds will be used initially, He added that the victim, More importantly,he can return as a hero. She had ended sixth after the third of five sub-divisions. I want to request the government to give us a new postal address,Sunny Sohal was batting on 48 with Ankit Pursharthy batting on 17. delivering acclaimed performances in an impressive range of films and television shows. For all the latest Delhi News, best known for his roles in TV shows like “Shrimaan Shrimati” and “Yes Boss”.

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