Hamilton Green has a record of being difficult to work with

first_imgDear Editor,Not a single Guyanese should be in the least bit surprised that a competent, qualified and decent officer such as Chief Executive Officer of the Central Housing and Planning Authority Myrna Pitt has resigned from her post.Had she not done so then she would have spoiled the long and odious record of the Chairman of the CH&PA Board Hamilton Green.If one were to look back at the various ministries he headed, one would see the difficulties experienced by the permanent secretaries, departmental heads and other technical staff who were all certified, capable and experienced.But one does not have to look so far back, one just has to look at the last twenty one years that he spent as Chairman of the Georgetown Municipality, to see the long list of casualties including town clerks, city engineers, city treasurers, etc.Note however, that his getting rid of all of these senior staffers did not make things any better at City Hall, in fact it made things far worse, with the Council being at its apex in corruption and irregularities when he finally left a few months ago.It should also be noted that most of the victims were women.How could the government give this cruel octogenarian more opportunities to destroy the lives of honest public servants who do not agree to dance to the tune that he is playing?Sincerely,Mark Roopanlast_img


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