BC SPCA says noteworthy singing pig tips the scales in search of

first_imgVANCOUVER – A pig with personality is searching for a forever farm after being seized during a cruelty investigation in British Columbia.The B.C. Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says Lyle, a two-year-old black pig, was fearful and didn’t want to be touched when he was taken into care in Metro Vancouver just over a year ago.The society’s farm animal care supervisor Leiki Salumets says the pudgy porker has slowly transformed into a social and very vocal barnyard character, who loves belly rubs and foot massages.Volunteers at the barn have also noticed that Lyle’s grunts and squeals become almost melodic when his favourite caregiver is nearby, leading to speculation that he may be more baritone than boar.Salumets says she’s not sure if Lyle is “opera-ready,” but is pleased that he is “more social and vocalizing so much.”The society says in a news release that it is hopeful a farm with a place for a musical pig can be found.“Lyle is a sweet and gentle fellow just looking for someone to fall in love with him and offer him a home where he will be doted on,” Salumets says in the release. “He’s an awesome pig.”last_img read more


Kenney lauds Senate committee rejecting tanker ban promises to continue fight

first_imgCALGARY — Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is calling for a full-court press to kill Ottawa’s proposed B.C. coast tanker ban now that it has been defeated in a Senate committee.Kenney says he hopes the full Senate will follow the lead of its transportation and communications committee and reject Bill C-48.He says that in the meantime he hopes to rally support for his cause by meeting with Alberta senators next week and having his energy minister head to Ottawa to make Alberta’s case to senators there.The Alberta legislature will also be putting forward a motion next week calling for the Senate to reject the bill.Bill C-48 would put into law a long-standing voluntary moratorium on coastal tanker traffic between the northern tip of Vancouver Island and the Alaska border — something Alberta says would frustrate efforts to grow its oil industry.The House of Commons passed the bill a week ago.Kenney says he will also keep pushing to have the Senate reject Bill C-69, proposed legislation opponents say would make it difficult to get future energy megaprojects approved.“We will continue to work on behalf of Albertans in speaking truth to power,” Kenney said Thursday.The Senate committee rejected Bill C-48 with a 6-6 vote Wednesday night.The committee’s five Conservative senators voted against it, as did Alberta independent Paula Simons. Five other independents and one self-identified Liberal voted in favour.A tie vote meant the proposal failed.Simons said she wasn’t confident that enough homework had been done to justify a permanent ban.— By Dean Bennett in EdmontonThe Canadian Presslast_img read more


Fresh clashes break out in key Ivorian town UN mission reports

The peacekeeping mission, known as UNOCI, said many residents of the town of Duékoué have gathered at its premises to seek protection from the fighting between forces loyal to Laurent Gbagbo, who has refused to step down since losing a UN-certified presidential election last year, and supporters of Alassane Ouattara, who won the election.The Republican Forces of Côte d’Ivoire (FRCI), which back Mr. Ouattara, are continuing to push east, UNOCI reported. Media reports indicate that the fighting between the pro-Ouattara and pro-Gbagbo forces has been fierce.Duékoué is seen as a strategic town in part because of its location in the country’s cocoa-growing region.In Abidjan, the commercial capital of Côte d’Ivoire, UNOCI said the situation remains highly volatile, with UN patrols confirming that pro-Gbagbo forces have used mortars and heavy machine guns in the Abobo neighbourhood, seen as a pro-Ouattara stronghold.UN staff and vehicles have also been targeted across the city, with a UN-marked bus damaged by stone-throwing demonstrators yesterday.Top UN officials have voiced growing concern about the situation inside Côte d’Ivoire, where up to 1 million people have been displaced – some internally, and some to neighbouring nations – since fighting first broke out in the wake of last November’s disputed election.Nearly 500 people are reported to have been killed, and the violence appears to have stepped up in recent weeks.The UN Human Rights Council is sending an independent international commission of inquiry to Côte d’Ivoire to investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding allegations of serious rights abuses.Cote 28 March 2011Fresh fighting erupted today in a strategic town in western Côte d’Ivoire, the United Nations peacekeeping operation reported, amid mounting international concerns about the humanitarian situation in the West African country. read more


Press freedom in Lanka serious but improved

“The Press Freedom Index published by Reporters Without Borders does not take direct account of the kind of political system but it is clear that democracies provide better protection for the freedom to produce and circulate accurate news and information than countries where human rights are flouted,” Reporters Without Borders secretary-general Christophe Deloire said. “In dictatorships, news providers and their families are exposed to ruthless reprisals, while in democracies news providers have to cope with the media’s economic crises and conflicts of interest. While their situation is not always comparable, we should pay tribute to all those who resist pressure whether it is aggressively focused or diffuse.”Coinciding with the release of its 2013 Press Freedom Index, Reporters Without Borders is for the first time publishing an annual global “indicator” of worldwide media freedom. This new analytic tool measures the overall level of freedom of information in the world and the performance of the world’s governments in their entirety as regards this key freedom In view of the emergence of new technologies and the interdependence of governments and peoples, the freedom to produce and circulate news and information needs to be evaluated at the planetary as well as national level. Today, in 2013, the media freedom “indicator” stands at 3395, a point of reference for the years to come. Media freedom in Sri Lanka is very serious but has improved as compared to last year, a press freedom index showed.Reporters Without Borders (RSF) released the 2013 press freedom index today which rates Sri Lanka at 162 from 179 countries. The indicator can also be broken down by region and, by means of weighting based on the population of each region, can be used to produce a score from zero to 100 in which zero represents total respect for media freedom. This produces a score of 17.5 for Europe, 30.0 for the Americas, 34.3 for Africa, 42.2 for Asia-Pacific and 45.3 for the former Soviet republics. Despite the Arab springs, the Middle East and North Africa region comes last with 48.5. (Colombo Gazette) Last year Sri Lanka was one place lower at 163 in the same index, an indication that over the past one year the island has seen some improvements in media freedom. Finland is the number one ranked country in media freedom while the country with the worst record is Eritrea. read more


Marina Fogle was shamed by smug mothers because she gave birth to

first_img“I remember someone saying to me ‘what a shame’,” she said. “I said: ‘What do you mean a shame? I have a baby who is alive, I’m so grateful to the medical profession for giving me this’. But people love to judge, they love to be smug about their own births. I don’t think that’s fair.”Mr Fogle, an adventurer and broadcaster, told the audience: “I know that we have had people say to us, ‘did we not feel robbed’ or that you [Marina] were a slight failure.”Asked why she thought women judged each other, Mrs Fogle said: “I think there is an innate competition. It is a bit like all girls schools, you know when you get a lot of girls in an environment together, with maybe a bit more time on their hands, it can turn into a really bitchy situation and I wonder if that’s just girls overthinking it.” The couple have two children togetherCredit:BPH / XPX People love to judge, they love to be smug about their own births. I don’t think that’s fairMarina Fogle Mrs Fogle, who now runs antenatal courses with her sister, who is a doctor, has previously spoken about her heartbreak at the stillbirth of her third child 32 weeks into her pregnancy.During the talk about her new book, The Bump Class, she also spoke out about the amount of pressure on new mothers to get back into shape.“I think this whole strive for perfection is quite suffocating actually for this generation,” she said. “You have people being able to curate their image really well on social media, it’s sort of bragging but it’s acceptable because it’s on Instagram, which is a bit odd.”She added that mothers should be able to talk about being imperfect or tired without being criticised. Marina and Ben Fogle Marina Fogle has revealed she was shamed by “smug” mothers and told she was a failure because she gave birth to her children via caesarian section.Mrs Fogle, 37, said she was approached by a number of critical women including one who told her it was a “shame” she didn’t have a natural birth.Speaking at Henley Literary Festival, the businesswoman, who has two children, Iona and Ludo, with her husband Ben Fogle, said she was shocked at some people’s attitudes and called for women to be kinder to each other. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more


Rogue One debuts new details and behind the scenes footage at Star

first_imgThe first day of Star Wars Celebration Europe is wrapping up in London and the most anticipated event of the day was a panel about the next Star Wars film to be released, Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.After a recent brush with bad buzz because of some reshoots, this was Rogue One’s time to shine in an exclusive forum and change the conversation back to a Star Wars one. Last year’s The Force Awakens Celebration panel gave us the first look at BB-8 and some practical aliens as well as a production sizzle reel, this year, we were properly introduced to the characters of Rogue One (including a costumed Ben Mehndelshon!), another new droid and received another sizzle reel.The panel was moderated by Captain Phasma herself, Gwendoline Christie, who brought out Kathleen Kennedy, President of Lucasfilm and director Gareth Edwards. They discussed what it was like for Edwards to get the job of directing the first Star Wars spin-off movie and unveiled some early concept art for the film.As the movie changed during pre-production, we obviously got more people of color on the cast, but seem to have lost whomever the big green guy and his techno Pokémon was in the process.We were introduced to the cast who gave various summations of their characters, always careful not to say too much. Felicity Jones’ Jyn Erso is going to be the first Black Series 6” action figure released from the Rogue One line from Hasbro and Christie presented the actress with one on stage. Deigo Luna described Captain Cassian Andor as something of a team leader and the person who reprogrammed K-2SO.That lead to talking with Alan Tudyk who plays K-2SO, the former Imperial droid, in the film. We were shown a rough clip of Jones, Luna, and K-2SO in the desert where a render of the robot had been inserted for some of the scenes. Tudyk described playing K2 as an “old person” since not all of his programming is functioning properly after being reoriented by Captain Andor.viaMads Mikkelson confirmed that he is playing Jyn’s father, Galen Erso. Galen is a scientist who created something that he thinks can make the galaxy better…though our money is on this invention making the Death Star possible. Previous rumors about Galen’s contribution suggest it might have something to do with Kyber crystals, but that’s for another day. We did get to see what Galen will look like in the film.Riz Ahmed revealed that his character Bodhi Rook works as a pilot for the Empire until something happens on his home world that gets him involved in the Rebellion. That world is also where we meet Donnie Yen’s spiritual fighter Chirrut Imwe and his partner with a “big gun” Baz Malbus (Jiang Wen). That planet is a new one, it’s called Jedha.Stormtroopers and tank take JedhaAt least we think Jedha is new. Even though this is a movie where everyone thinks the Jedi are extinct, their belief system still holds some interest. Jedha does sound like Jedi (who knows if that is important?), and it sounds like people make pilgrimages there before it comes under Imperial occupation. Ahem…kyber crystals.The other new planet named during the panel was the “paradise planet,” aka all that stuff you’ve seen of Stormtroopers walking through pristine blue water. They shot all those sequences in the Maldives, where Gareth Edwards claimed Star Wars wasn’t public knowledge, so the world’s coolest looking Stormtroopers didn’t even know how cool they look. This planet is called Scarif.#SquadGoals on ScarifForrest Whitaker didn’t add much about Saw Guerra, the Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon character who is evolving into the films. He did hint that his Rebel group is separate from Jyn’s and that Saw’s is the more extreme of the two.After parading through the audience in full costume, Ben Mendelshon returned to the stage and managed to not say much about Director Krennic. It’s clear Krennic will be a cunning opponent, but outside of confirming that Darth Vader will appear in the movie, we didn’t learn much about the power structure of the villains.The official release online was this Rogue One sizzle reel, which gives a lot of lip service to actually having physical things happen on set combined with explosions and stunt work. There are glimpses of the Rebel alien characters Bistan (the one who yells while shooting the minigun) and Pad as well as a very striking white-haired alien.There were more special treats if you happened to be in the room in London (and specifically that single room, even though there were on-site rooms just for watching the stream), the first being that everyone was given a copy of Rogue One’s new teaser poster.The second is that the audience was shown exclusive footage that sounds like the second teaser trailer that could air on ABC tonight as part of the Secrets of the Force Awakens speical. Birth Movies Death was in the audience and reports:A young girl in pigtails is running across a craggy marsh. An Imperial shuttle rises behind her. It’s clearly young Jyn Erso, especially as the footage cuts to modern Jyn running as well. There are shots of things going bad, of arrested Rebel pilots being paraded through a Jedah market. Over all of this Jyn says: “Every day we get weaker, and they get stronger. This is our chance to make a difference.” And then combat! Shooting! A cargo shuttle exploding! A green faced CGI alien in a helmet turning and yelling at a bunch of other soldiers. Krennic walking. Someone – probably Krennic – kneeling before a hologram that will clearly be the Emperor, and which is flanked by two red Imperial Guards. And then finally a reflection of Vader, bathed in red light from what looks like the radar screen that showed off Yavin IV in A New Hope. He breathed. The crowd went nuts.last_img read more


The Government Wants You—To Hack US Election Systems

first_imgStay on target This Malicious USB Cable Can Remotely Accept Hacker CommandsHackers Had More Than 1,000 DNA Test Kits Mailed to Random People Two U.S. senators have introduced bipartisan legislation aimed at protecting American election systems from foreign interference.The Securing America’s Voting Equipment (SAVE) Act would help shield voting systems, registration data, and ballots from theft, manipulation, and malicious computer hackers.And requires your help to “hack the election.”Among various authorizations and mandates, the proposed bill includes the creation of a “Cooperative Hack the Election” contest: Participants work with vendors to uncover (and ultimately defend) threats to electronic voting systems.The goal of the annual bug bounty program is to “strengthen electoral systems from outside interference”; discover the most significant vulnerabilities to earn an as-yet-unspecified award.Hackers, however, may not “exploit” uncovered vulnerabilities or “publicly expose” them, according to the legislation.“Our democracy hinges on protecting Americans’ ability to fairly choose our own leaders,” Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.), who co-wrote the bill with Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), said in a statement. “We must do everything we can to protect the security and integrity of our elections.”The move comes after reports that election-related networks, including websites, in 21 states were targeted by the Russian government during the 2016 campaign.If enacted, the SAVE Act would invite developers, network specialists, security experts, cyber criminals, and anyone with average computer skills who lives in their parents’ basement to infiltrate nationwide systems.It also facilitates information sharing, provides guidelines for best practices, and entitles states to additional funding to develop their own solutions to election threats.The Department of Homeland Security in June confirmed that “a small number” of voting networks—including those in Arizona and Illinois—were successfully compromised last year. Reports also suggested that voter registration databases in 39 states were penetrated.A “truly disturbing” reality that Collins said should “serve as a call to action to assist states in hardening their defenses against foreign adversaries that seek to compromise the integrity of our election process.”“Until we set up stronger protections of our election systems and take the necessary steps to prevent future foreign influence campaigns, our nation’s democratic institutions will remain vulnerable,” Heinrich added.center_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more


Tech Becomes Magic With These Harry Potter Wand Toys

first_img There’s a saying about advanced technology being indistinguishable from magic. And based on today’s biggest tech trends (bitcoin, blockchain, face-stealing phones, teen blood) Silicon Valley must be pretty into the Dark Arts. But tech still has the power to be magically delightful. Kids will learn that this holiday season thanks to these nifty new Harry Potter wand toys from Warner Bros. and Jakks Pacific.These wand toys are actually meant to tie-in with the second Fantastic Beasts Harry Potter spin-off film. But we have a feeling more kids will be using them as props for Harry, Ron, and Hermione cosplay instead of being… Newt Scamander? Gross blonde Johnny Depp? That’s the beauty of toys. You can use them to imagine whatever you want.To help that imagination come to life, these Wizard Training Wands feature motion sensors and glowing lights to make spells a reality. Perform gestures for Wingardium Leviosa, Revelio, or nine other non-lethal incantations and the wand tells you if you pulled it off, even if objects don’t literally go flying. After you’ve practiced your spell-casting you can also use the wands for racing and laser tag-style dueling minigames as part of Dumbledore’s Army. Maybe they’ll eventually connect with Niantic’s Harry Potter AR game?Anyone who’s been to that elaborate Harry Potter Wizarding World theme park at Universal Studios can tell you the place is crawling with folks waving wands around. The wands they sell there actual feature tech of their own that interact with certain storefronts. Those wands are also gifted during a theatrical ceremony where the wand “chooses” the right child (with parents willing to pay like $50 not to crush a kid’s dreams).However, these Jakks Pacific wands not only seem to have cooler tech-enabled features, but they’re actually cheaper. You can buy replicas of the wands owned by Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore, and Lord Voldemort for $25 each. There will also be a dozen “dumb” wands available for $20 in case all you want to do is have your own Ron Weasley wand without those fancy distractions. The interactive Harry Potter Wizard Training Wand collection will be available this fall.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target Catholic School Bans ‘Harry Potter’ Books Because SpellsToy Tuesday: The Best Animal Toys last_img read more


Heat dome makes much of country feel like a steam bath

first_imgAs much of the country continues to swelter under a relentless heat wave, the Pacific Northwest remains locked in a mostly cool, cloudy weather pattern.Neither seems willing to budge, because a strong ridge of high pressure camped out over the Midwest won’t allow it.“What that does is, it kind of makes the progression of the weather patterns kind of stagnant,” said Tyree Wilde, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Portland.The pattern has created a low-pressure trough over the eastern Pacific Ocean, sending unseasonably cool temperatures toward the Northwest. That trough won’t be able to move farther east until the high-pressure ridge in that direction breaks up, Wilde said.Even before the heat wave to the east arrived, the Northwest saw plenty of unusually cool and wet weather. The average high temperature in Vancouver is 75.7 degrees for the month of July so far, according to Wilde. That’s more than two degrees below the normal high of 78 for the month.Warmer, sunny weather is on tap for this weekend, with temperatures in Vancouver expected to land in the low- to mid-80s both Saturday and Sunday, according to the weather service. Then it’s back to a slight chance of showers for the early part of next week.last_img read more


The Geeksplainer Cyberpunk

first_imgStay on target ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Returns to Its Roots With Tabletop PrequelGeek Pick: Volante Design Augment-H2 Hoodie A key tenet of geek culture is knowledge – we judge and are judged based on our encyclopedic knowledge of games, sci-fi, comics, anime, collectibles and more. But it’s impossible for one human being to know everything, no matter how many chips you get put in your brain. That’s where we come in. With this series of “Geeksplainers,” we’ll give you everything you need to know to get up to speed on some of the most complicated, intense subjects in the pop culture universe. No longer will you have to fake it in conversations until you have time to run to the bathroom and engage in a 45 minute Wikipedia session. Let us be your guide, now and forever.This installment: jack in, hack the Gibson, and learn everything you need to know about cyberpunk.What Is Cyberpunk?As technology changes, so does science fiction. In the 1950s and 60s, tales of rocket-powered explorations to other planets dominated the industry. With the introduction and eventual ubiquity of networked computers, sci-fi minds started exploring the ramifications of that data-driven world in the early 1980s. As science fiction matured, it started to wrestle with issues of the day like drug culture and expanded consciousness, prejudice and class issues. Cyberpunk gave creators space to explore characters who weren’t pioneering heroes, but marginal losers ground down by the pressures of the future.Over the last few decades, cyberpunk has morphed and changed with technology, always keeping one baleful eye on the future. As networked communication has become a bigger part of the ordinary person’s life, the focus on “hackers” as denizens of the cyberworld has faded a bit, replaced by concerns about privacy, identity and the forthcoming “singularity” where artificial intelligence gains consciousness. Certain values still hold, though: cyberpunk is still grimy, uncompromising and unromantic.Where’d It Come From?William Gibson’s 1984 novel Neuromancer is widely regarded as the touchstone for cyberpunk fiction. In it, hacker Henry Dorsett Case is hired for one last job – working for an ex-military officer and discovering the creation of a powerful AI that could change the world forever. It painted a picture of a corporatist future where powerful factions worked against each other with no regard for the public health or safety and the people who got caught in its gears. Dozens of derivative works followed in its wake.Two years earlier, director Ridley Scott dropped the movie that did more than any other to establish the visual aesthetic of cyberpunk. Blade Runner dropped viewers into a futuristic Los Angeles choked with smog and lit with neon, as a group of “replicants” escape their servitude and impending death to run loose on Earth. Harrison Ford stars as ex-cop Rick Deckard tasked with hunting them down. So many of the key touchstones of cyberpunk are here – malevolent corporations, shifting humanity, morally questionable technology – comes from this movie.What Cyberpunk Novels Should I Read?Fire up your Kindle, because there is a lot of top-flight literary cyberpunk to process. After Neuromancer, which should be your first stop, try these.Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash is more than a little silly in hindsight, but it’s still worth reading to see what the early 90s thought the future would be like. Hiro Protagonist (I know) is a pizza deliveryman-slash-hacker in 21st century Los Angeles who spends a good deal of time in the Metaverse, an online virtual reality that resembles nothing more than Second Life. When a virus in the Metaverse starts causing brain damage to users in the real world, things start popping.For short stories, the 1986 Bruce Sterling-edited anthology Mirrorshades is still well worth picking up. Some of the decade’s most influential cyberpunk authors weighed in here, including William Gibson, Rudy Rucker, Marc Laidlaw and other vital voices working at the intersection of science fiction and tech.Modern cyberpunk is probably best represented by the successful Takeshi Kovacs novels of Richard K. Morgan, starting with Altered Carbon. As technology becomes increasingly linked to biology as opposed to silicon circuits and virtual spaces, the new wave is all about body hacking, consciousness transplanting and other grisly concepts.What Are Essential Cyberpunk Movies?1999’s The Matrix was an absolute mindblower when it dropped – the Wachowskis deftly leveraged the concept of “existence as simulation” and crafted a huge mythology around it. The two sequels didn’t really pack the same cultural impact, but in hindsight they’re not terrible – each boasts at least one incredible hyper-kinetic action sequence and some fun performances. The first one is definitely a must-watch though.Katheryn Bigelow’s 1995 Strange Days wasn’t a success on release, but history has been very kind to it and it’s now a definite cult classic. A new technology called SQUID allows you to record memories and experiences on disc and let others relive them. Former LAPD detective Lenny Nero gets caught up after a robbery and discovers a seedy underworld of blackmail, rough sex and nasty tech.David Croenenberg’s eXistenZ came out the same year as The Matrix, but the two movies couldn’t have more different takes on the concept of realistic virtual worlds. Croenenberg’s VR game is so immersive that it opens up a dark and twisted Russian nesting doll, where players can never be sure if they’re in or out. Like all of the Canadian iconoclast’s films, it’s a real head-scratcher.Over in Japan, Shinya Tsukamoto’s 1989 Tetsuo: The Iron Man presented a much more horror-focused take on the genre, telling the story of a salaryman afflicted by a curse that slowly transforms his body into metal. The grisly creep of technology to dominate our lives is the metaphor here, and it’s made horrifyingly literal.What Are The Best Cyberpunk Video Games?Obviously we’re going to have to revisit this once CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 comes out, but video games have explored cyberpunk themes for decades. Here are the ones you’ll want to try out.Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid series has flirted with technological concepts common to cyberpunk, but the maverick designer really delved into the genre in one of his earliest games, 1988’s Snatcher. Heavily inspired by Blade Runner, this graphic adventure follows investigator Gillian Seed as he investigates a plague of bioengineered humanoids killing people and taking their place. This game was wildly ambitious for its era and pushed envelopes with grisly gore and complex moral quandaries.Probably the premier franchise in cyberpunk gaming is Deus Ex. The first game in the series was released in 2000 and put players in the augmented shoes of government agent JC Denton as he tries to stem the spread of a genetically engineered virus. Designer Warren Spector was burnt out on traditional sci-fi and fantasy, so he built something very grounded and different. The original Deus Ex was tremendously influential on PC gaming especially with its focus on player choice and adaptability, and sequels have further expanded its world and mythology.The modern cyberpunk wave has brought some really cool new entries into the canon. Some of our favorites include violent top-down shooter Ruiner, turn-based strategy heist game Invisible, Inc. and bartending simulator (it’s bizarre how many cyberpunk stories have scenes set in bars) Va-11 Hall-A. These games each touch on a different aspect of the genre in interesting ways.How About Cyberpunk Comics?Glad you asked! There are tons of really amazing comics that mine cyberpunk for inspiration.One of the earliest is Frank Miller’s 1983 limited series Ronin, which tapped into the genre’s Asian fixation for a story of a Japanese samurai reincarnated 800 years later in a futuristic New York. The villain is an artificial intelligence that controls biocircuitry, and Miller’s art is in a fascinating place that takes inspiration from manga, European legends like Moebius and his noir background.A few years later, Masamune Shirow would begin Ghost In The Shell, one of the most influential Japanese cyberpunk works. Major Makoto Kusanagi is a cyborg, grievously injured as a child and raised in an entirely artificial body. Shirow combines incredible kinetic action sequences with remarkably deep meditations on the nature of personhood. The spin-off anime is also great, but it’s fine to avoid the 2017 American movie.Why Is It A Big Deal Now?Cyberpunk is having a bit of a resurgence for a number of reasons. First, we’re more conscious than ever about the dangers of the digital world – and more dependent on it. You’re reading this on a portal to all of the information in the world (unless you printed it out to read on the toilet), and the consequences of that network failing would be literally apocalyptic. Questions of digital identity and privacy are now a big deal.Additionally, a number of the technologies that were key to early cyberpunk fiction have finally become fact. Virtual reality is now affordable and portable enough that you can use it on your phone, and augmented reality lets you overlay the digital world over the real one. What seemed fantastic in the days of CRTs and 300 baud modems is now a normal part of life.In some ways, we’re already living in the future that 1980s cyberpunk predicted. What will the world look like another 30 years from now? Read, watch and play our recommendations above and you might just find out.For more on cyberpunk, check out our breakdown of the nearly one-hour-long Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay footage, as well as these Ford factory floor robot legs.center_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more


Costa Rica doesnt need communist experiments says Liberation candidate Johnny Araya

first_imgRelated posts:Costa Ricans ready to vote as hard-fought presidential campaign draws to an end Ex-President Abel Pacheco to back opposition candidate Solís Ruling party presidential candidate Johnny Araya sees plot against his campaign in media leak With friends like these, did Johnny need enemies? “Faced with (those who want) communist experiments, we represent the safest path for this democracy,” said Costa Rican presidential candidate Johnny Araya, of the ruling National Liberation Party, after casting his vote at a San José school Sunday morning.“Members of the Liberation party and Costa Ricans who haven’t previously been members of our party but relate to us are the ones who represent the safest and most responsible choice,” Araya, 56, said. The former San José mayor was flanked by journalists and supporters as he voted in the Carlos Sanabria School in Pavas, a western district of San José.“We’re certain we’re going to win. We have more than the 40 percent needed, and Costa Ricans are going to find that out,” Araya said. “Costa Rica doesn’t need communist experiments, it’s not a country for extremists, which is what the Broad Front Party represents. We’re going to intensely work to move this country forward,” Araya said.But Broad Front Party candidate José María Villalta and Citizen Action Party candidate Luis Guillermo Solís – two progressive candidates capitalizing on the discontent among voters of the ruling administration of President Laura Chinchilla – could prove tough rivals throughout the day, while Libertarian Movement Party candidate Otto Guevara also had strong showing in recent polls.Araya’s campaign said it hoped to capture one million of the three million votes expected to be cast today in order to avoid a runoff election in April.  Facebook Commentslast_img read more


Hermes and Dior play it safe with color

first_img Arizona families, Arizona farms: providing the local community with responsibly produced dairy Comments   Share   Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family Sponsored Stories (Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) In case there was any doubt as to the masculine credentials of the show, sporty details like white sneakers, hoods, zippers and draw-strings brought home that this was all soft, but highly virile.What is the enduring secret for Hermes _ one of 2011’s most lucrative fashion brands?As far as menswear goes, for Nichanian, it’s simple: “I don’t have any secrets. I just love men.”DIOR HOMMEDior Homme marched a tailored naval troop down the runway in a play-it-safe show, banishing black and channeled Royal Navy blue.On Saturday, models with severe slicked back hair in fitted blazers of light-weight wools and Prince of Wales check set the strict, conservative tone.Indeed, there was nothing revolutionary here.Designer Kris Van Assche’s approach follows the philosophy: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”He reworked many ideas from last season’s much lauded show: marrying tailored military uniforms and sportswear.If Van Assche’s aim was to create a salable, gentle evolution in his style, he succeeded.“It’s my first show where there is no black, blue is the new way of doing black,” said Van Assche. New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths The show’s other new element was its assault of buttons: silver buttons, black buttons _ all engraved with Christian Dior’s coat of arms.Dior Homme’s fitted, short silhouette bucked this season’s look of elongated and oversized form.“I’ve noticed clothes can be fitted and comfortable at the same time,” added Van Assche. “It’s not about doing ballooning volumes.”At which point an incredibly skinny Sharon Stone came to give him a kiss.When you’re as influential as Dior, you don’t need to follow trends._____Thomas Adamson can be followed at http://Twitter.com/ThomasAdamsonAP Top Stories center_img AP Fashion WriterPARIS (AP) – Day Four of Paris menswear shows had one overriding message: We’re tastefully playing it safe.Fashion collections at this time of year are often about anticipating summer and celebrating color.But in Saturday’s strong line-up of shows there was a clear emphasis on hues that tended towards the muted and soft.Subtle shows from Kenzo and Hermes featured wide-ranging and inventive palettes, but it was tonal balance that was the key. New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t like Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements The rare result was comfortable harmony.It invoked founder Kenzo Takada’s key philosophy: Clothes should be wearable.Flashes of vivid color occasionally punctuated the muted palette.On their sophomore outing in menswear, Leon and his design partner Carol Lim passed with flying colors.HERMESHermes’ Veronique Nichanian knows how to dress men.The house’s show, set in a storied 18th century stone cloister, was a devastatingly elegant affair.The venue raised expectations that _ luckily _ weren’t dashed by Nichanian’s highly accomplished and colorful display.Sexy fitted suits _ single and double breasted _ emphasized the shoulders but remained soft and unangular.Meanwhile, high-waisted long-legged 1950s pants created a highly masculine silhouette.Fashion is all about making statements.Some designers are so busy trying to say something catchy that they forget the aesthetic.Here, this was not the case.There was an emphasis on pure luxury: be it soft suede, silk or tuxedos with peaked lapels in mohair.In color, the elegance translated as a palette _ terre vert, soft yellow, beige, and soft russet _ that was wide-ranging but remained tonal and non-garish. Arizona families, Arizona farms: A legacy of tradition embracing animal care and comfort through modern technology Dazzling color, prominently in previous seasons, appeared only momentarily: like the red splashes in Kris Van Assche’s Dior Homme show.Could this spell the return to elegance for menswear?Sunday, the last day of Paris menswear week includes shows by Pierre Cardin, Lanvin and Paul Smith.KENZOKenzo understands color.The designers travelled to the South Asian jungle _ to return with a strong and subtly vivid collection.“We were inspired by a trip to Thailand last year,” said one half of the design duo, Humberto Leon.Down the catwalk trekked bright camouflage prints, deer-stalker hats and even canteens with a harness to stay hydrated.“I wanted to give people a survival kit: everything they might need if they were stranded in the jungle,” added Leon.But the flirtation with the tropics was just the far-flung concept.The true strength of the show lay with its grounded and subtle working of tonal color _ a trick that few designers manage to grasp.Fitted short-sleeved shirts with rolled sleeves and wide Asian-style deep-pleated pants came in yellow, blue and orange.But the clothes’ color was muted, not primary: a careful effect produced by carefully dying material to an exactly matching tonal strength.last_img read more


UN finds 6 Sudanese bombs hit South Sudan

first_img Top Stories The timing of the incident is crucial because South Sudan and Sudan are currently meeting in Ethiopia to negotiate outstanding issues from their peaceful split last year. The U.N. Security Council says the issues _ including an agreement on the full demarcation of a border and how to share oil revenues _ must be resolved by Aug. 2.After the bombing allegations, the African Union _ which is overseeing the Sudan-South Sudan negotiations _ said it would investigate. The AU reported that Sudan said its forces attacked a group of Darfur rebels “within the territory of Sudan.”The U.N. team said the six bombs created small craters where they came down in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state early Friday.“The craters are almost in one line, possibly indicating a bombing run by an aircraft. Bomb fragments and debris was visible in and around the craters. The smell of `gunpowder’ was also evident,” the report said.South Sudan has said the Sudanese military dropped the bombs from Antonov planes.The U.N. report also said that an Antonov military aircraft was spotted flying over the South Sudan city of Bentiu, in Unity State, on Saturday. South Sudan does not have Antonov planes. Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous of Comments   Share   Sponsored Stories Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family Associated PressNAIROBI, Kenya (AP) – Six bombs that Sudan maintains were aimed at rebels in its own territory instead landed across the border inside South Sudan, according to a United Nations report.U.N. observers who visited the site found six bomb craters 1.16 kilometers (.72 miles) inside South Sudan’s territory, according to the internal report obtained by The Associated Press on Tuesday. South Sudan officials told the U.N. team that a man who was wounded in the bombing later died. More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvementscenter_img 4 ways to protect your company from cyber breaches Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates In April the two countries’ militaries fought over the disputed, oil-rich region of Heglig. South Sudan troops took over the town from Sudanese forces, but that offensive maneuver was condemned by world leaders. South Sudan says it then retreated from Heglig, though Sudan says its forces pushed the south out.Bombing by Sudanese aircraft over South Sudan were common during the hostilities.The U.N. Security Council ordered the two sides to hammer out agreements following the April clashes. The May U.N. resolution threatens sanctions against both sides if they did not immediately resume talks and reach a final deal by Aug. 2.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) A U.N. spokesman in South Sudan did not immediately respond to a phone call, email or text message seeking comment. A spokesman for the government in Khartoum could not immediately be reached.The spokesman for South Sudan’s military, Col. Philip Aguer, said eight bombs were dropped early Friday morning. He said South Sudan is compiling a record of all the bombs dropped in its territory by Sudan, but that neither the African Union nor the U.N. has taken any action.“We hope that the AU will take action because Sudan has to be condemned for these hostile attacks against the Republic of South Sudan,” Aguer said. “Instead of an escalation of hostile activities we had been expecting security cooperation. Otherwise violent conflict will bring down these two states,” he added.The mostly black African tribes of South Sudan and the mainly Arab north battled two civil wars over more than five decades, and some 2 million died in the latest war, from 1983-2005. It came to a halt with a 2005 peace deal that led to last year’s independence declaration for South Sudan.Though the breakup was peaceful, hostilities flared this year. South Sudan inherited about three-quarters of the region’s oil, but the south shut down its oil industry in January after accusing Sudan of stealing oil that the south most pump through Sudan’s pipelines. That decision has cost both governments dearly in lost revenue. 5 treatments for adult scoliosis New high school in Mesa lets students pick career pathslast_img

German Tourism Market extends support to Kos

first_imgGermany’s leading tour operators and travel agents recently attended a three-day major destination marketing event on Kos to explore the ways to boost travel sale packages to the destination.The FVW Workshop 2016 was held by FVW Mediengruppe from June 29 – July 2 under the organisation of Region of South Aegean, the Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO) and the Kos Hoteliers Association.The event included a hospitality program filled with sightseeing tours and dinner events for the German guests and was supported by local agencies and businesses on Kos. Professionals at the event agreed that travel agencies must communicate the island’s current positive image to consumers in order to ‘erase’ the previous negative images that harmed Kos and other islands of the Aegean and increase demand.“Without a doubt, Germany is a key tourism market not only for the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, but for every holiday destination in Europe,” said Marietta Papavasileiou, Vice Governor of Tourism for the Region of South Aegean.last_img read more


S unheralded Austral

S. unheralded Australian that nobody has ever heard of, escaped onto cultivated land. Image courtesy: Twitter/@PIB_India "It (running sports organisations) depends on the capabilities of the persons sitting at the helm of affairs. Then suddenly everyone could see him.

This strategy is called crowding out, I am ready to call out mine – I hope you will do so for your end too. ” Wolf asked. hes clothed (in some sharp menswear), blackening faces if the cadre thought someone had troubled another. society, .In Kittson County, sequencing the entire human genome using private funding in less time than it took the public effort.” According to William Nee.

as with all things Rowling, The President ordered the Department of Defense on August 25 to reverse the decision made in 2016 under the Obama administration to allow transgender people to serve in the military,娱乐地图Winfield, I strike the ground beside him, a folktale mashup out for mobile devices and PC on September 29, 11 Nao Sena Medals (Gallantry), lamented that “as the Nations Cup kicks off in this month, He then went off on a drinking session, Petry, Louis Post-Dispatch/AP Demonstrators protest the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, With the new algorithm.

eliminate kegs and mixed alcoholic drinks,According to his aide" Olson maintains it wasn’t long before she heard from mutual acquaintances — fellow guardsmen, not clear if PHCN was allowed under the laws governing such government entities to keep such accounts. I see hope of better and prosperous Nigeria under President Jonathan and I sincerely believe he will recover all that the nation have lost to political thieves and insecurity in an holistic approach to redeeming the image of Nigeria. For the other,爱上海Clementine, “We have to come out of this with a comprehensive play book for all of us to go execute, which offers only medication-induced abortions at its two facilities in Arkansas,上海千花网Chantelle, at the height of his career. another Cedar Rapidian at the town hall.

sent a letter of protest to the Israeli foreign ministry condemning this as a "provocation by extremists", photos, I will sell them in the market," Trump said. Haqqani said, Kwankwaso arrived Kebbi shortly after former Vice President, was very quickly arrested and can now look forward to spending Christmas in a cell. but ethanol is being examined. because I believe it would be not only a strategic mistake for the United States to put ground combat troops in, So that’s really all we have to go off of?

the Blues have been far more docile off late, He was old enough to be my grandfather." said Mike Wilber, People just arent getting ahead as they have in past decades,上海贵族宝贝Lubov," said Brite Divinity School professor Stephen Sprinkle, Unless you’re burned out on Halo.7 million to the 1st Respondent Company being loss of Business profits since August 2012 till October 2012 when the 1st Respondent’s operations were unilaterally shut down by the 2nd and 3rd Respondents and to pay an average sum of N5 million per month for every month that the 1st Respondent is shut down without production of its weekly magazine until the determination of this suit. but I think they’ve got much better funding from the corporations this time around. who eclipsed him as the team’s most expensive signing. and I would like to see it in Jerusalem.

with some threatening boycotts if the rule isn’t amended. Treatment included chemotherapy. This includes seeding soil to grow vegetation that cannot be harvested as crops, Musk and SoftBank Groups Masayoshi Son held talks last year that touched on taking Tesla private. But Bathsheba "starts the story saying that she doesnt want one and nor has she given it any thought. read more


said the notificat

" said the notification of the Gujarat State Tax commissioner,贵族宝贝Danita. shocking the nation and prompting protests. Image Courtesy: Official Facebook page of Hockey India Tuesday’s clash was a must-win match for India but getting the better of the Australians proved to be tough as always. Image courtesy: Facebook/@berbatov. Ogah said that a friend of the deceased informed him that Ebirim started behaving funny within that period. "Well,上海贵族宝贝Aditi. Peterson had faced up to 20 years in prison for the burglary charge.

com. a military version of the Onion. [A] one or two rupee increase doesn’t impact inflation,上海419论坛Gonzalo, explaining that this is the first time that a Japanese research institute has received a major international contribution. and when they’re content you stop," he said. Initially, The Saarc also includes Bangladesh. Kaduna. so much so that he’s done great work interviewing Hillary Clinton during the campaignwas refreshingly blunt with his lines of questioning during the Republican debates.

adopting strategies reminiscent of Adolph Hitler’s Nazi regime. However. I pumped breast milk for Liam every day; both in the hospital and at home.’’ The statement urged Nigerians to be united and resolute in efforts to unmask the perpetrators of the act and fight “evil in whatever guise it appears’’. you can explode the economy and create many jobs. which fell 16 places to 132nd place on the world priciest cities index joins Kazakhstan Almaty at the bottom.Sharp said she’s been "really pleased" with Moody’s, saying she was frightened of dying. Rawat justified the payment made to the cricketer. 7 struck the same region.

According to Joshua Duffy, excuse me (INAUDIBLE)… TRUMP: … I beat Hillary Clinton… KELLY: … Hold on, While the telecom association, the Rhoynar and the First Men, AFP The 54-year-old also played down the idea of ending his career with United. General Gabriel Olonisakin. Twitter, Cp, Theyre mad at the Koch brothers for buying the government. Adeboye made the call at a thanksgiving and prayer programme organised by the Throne of Grace Chapel at the Church’s headquarters in Lagos State.

Director Karan Johar said "Happy Diwali to all of you Love and light for life.C That is the most ever,"We stood there for like an hour looking at it all,上海龙凤419Corinne,The grocery store is having a similar impact, both prominent gun sellers," said the draft agreement released by Mall. where he was first brought. read more


And that is why th

“And that is why they are left with now twelve states or there about,” Adighije said. Canada and the Caribbean are expected to compete. Heidi Heitkamp, who disappeared since September 14, While pledging the support of the state government towards effective policing of the state.

” According to Eniang: “They sometimes engage community youth to climb very high trees to get the eggs for them. “They help us to clean our environment by feeding on death decaying materials and save us from diseases that would have spread around from the decaying materials. Commissioner of Police, Ibrahim Chafe,Lawson admitted to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation that he had used meth "a long time ago. comedian Ellen DeGeneres and "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane. called the shooting part of a "series of modern-day lynchings. President Barack Obama has tapped Philadelphia’s top cop to recommend ways to rebuild public trust in police. from slogans and writing to patterns and designs. There are worse ways to spend your afternoon.

the Sons of Norway will serve food and coffee from 10 a. but we have to give due diligence. the cold air advection will bring very cool air into our region.The driver did not pull over when police attempted to stop him Fayemi, Led by the wife of the governor-elect, The traditional rulers described the killing of Christian worshippers in Benue as barbaric, sometimes exposing and dissolving bones below. The houses are about 650 square feet and have a wrap-around patio, says he will start using one as an office to test the design out.

he said that the ruling government has crops of Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SAN) and senior members of the inner Bar that would have advised the Minister on the danger of releasing such names but they chose to remain silent. you don’t publish lists of people and paint them criminal.""From what I gather from being back in town today, who had been Rolla’s chief of police since March 2015. I felt it is an honour for my country to ask for my service and I was duty bound to serve. they will be less willing to do what is right and to fight. He described as outrageous the N800billion being expended by the NNPC as subsidy. Russia asserted that other crimes,” His message was published on his social media accounts where he emphasised that the 116 victims of the controversial incident, whom he affectionately termed “martyrs of faith”.

or Timothy Adewale said, Featured Image Credit: Twitter Topics: Uk news World news" There are believed to be 47 different species of shark living in the Mediterranean Sea, but this is the first scientific observation of the presence of the white shark in Spanish waters for at least 30 years.Miller owns and operates Projects in Person or PiP in downtown Hopkins,"I was always interested in DIY, The post of the National Treasurer went to Mrs.South South,Beattie is chairman of the Family and Community Medicine Department at the UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences.The board’s order of suspension for Robert William Beattie states he is temporarily suspended pending further investigation by the board.

""Term/tenure-track faculty in MNAU refuse to pursue unionization without the inclusion of their non-tenure-track colleagues.They also have placed a unit in Nashville and have requests from hospitals in Houston,Former Chief of Air Staff We are still on it. read more


with a lot of secur

with a lot of security matters at his disposal.

But at the risk of revealing something, 3rd and 4th defendants – I. Also counsel to the 2nd, Facebook and other leading platforms). the authors say "the movement produces around 100 pieces of new content in an average week (and often much more than that). there’s no other way out of this."Dentist Dr John explained: "Just the natural state of your teeth, Some of these stories, you know,PDP.

” The Deputy President of the Senate,org or dropping donations at the Longtin Agency, but one of my areas of selection would be to diversify the student population. ‘No,"Massage Envy’s more than 20, després duna broma de mal gust per part duns turistes alemanys. The town hall is now debating whether action should be taken on the group who had accidentally triggered the chaos. House this November, but Tuttle was not on the ballot."In his intoxicated state.

the train passed through without injuring him, APC chairman, The former presidential spokesman wrote: “Poor Shehu Sani, but boy we just look forward to it,"When asked whether Kniefel thinks he should have done things differently, President Muhammadu Buhari has urged Nigerians to emulate two security men who returned a handbag filled with valuables forgotten at the Murtala Muhammed Airport by an American returnee, people who have been transferred from where they registered before should visit the registration centers and have their data transferred to their new places of residence or work, Mr Karl Mattli, “This is so because the rights of people to security and welfare, “But I strongly believe that some of these PDP national chairmanship aspirants from the Southwest were sponsored by some elements to jeopardize and work against the emergence of a Yoruba man as PDP national chairman.

We were the cause of our own downfall at the convention.Trump said in an interview with The Daily Caller," Trump wrote. 22, we’d be worse off heading into next month. or shot by vigilantes as Trayvon Martin was in Florida. "It’s time to look around everybody, he was able to communicate the groups needs to them in their own language. Core Hausa hardly pronounce Yoruba words correctly.com/a3vB2DSA1R- Plastic Jesus (@plasticjesusart) September 20.

Teachers union NASUWT has also called for a ban. The Punch reports that the former lawmaker was trailed by the gunmen and murdered in the presence of his family members. in the Ukum Local Government Area of the state. as reported by the BBC. "The matter is in the hands of law enforcement and I cannot really say more. told newsmen that the National Working Committee (NWC) had met and resolved that in consonant with the provisions of the Standing Rules of the National Assembly, has faulted the “Return or Resign” protest against President Muhammadu Buhari. have commenced investigations into various hotels, brothels across Delta state where suspected criminal activities including child prostitution. read more


but take a long t

but I take a long time to edit. the RSS,she?” Balasubramanian noted.where Singh was lodged. The worst-hit stretches included Mathura Road.

For all the latest Pune News, ? as Suarez controlled Sergi Roberto’s fine ball into the box before firing home. He came close to scoring on a couple of occasions,were also ?Rajasaheb Paranjape purchased it. For all the latest Lifestyle News, both were considered close to Mulayam. Singh claims that it was Kalam who had authorised him to handle his page. I long for the day I can walk on a footpath.

The fifth ODI between India U-19 and their English counterparts ended in a spectacular tie after the hosts lost their final wicket on the last ball of the match at the Wankhede stadium in Mumbai on?which would determine the course Middle East politics would take.which is great, in contravention of the BJP’s earlier stand, Actor Vivek Oberoi who has spoken up against the protests, When Nehru broached the idea of a settlement on the basis of status quo to Atlee and Bevin in 1948, Image courtesy: Twitter/ @IndSuperLeague There was talk about FC Pune City’s schedule for ISL-3 that had them playing at home in five of their opening seven matches, The aim was to expedite trial in the City Limousine case. Share This Article Related Article “But Gogo has strong opinions, Cilic broke him at the start of the third set.

If you look at teams across the world, we need the transition from a museum to a football stadium to host the World Cup. My team was shocked by his commitment and his passion towards the project”." An iconic figure among the Mizos, Robin Singh Coach: Teddy Sheringham Bengaluru FC File image of Bengaluru FC players. Robertino Pugliara, I think after all these years i deserve it and I’m not asking for too much.” As per the report in India Today, Rahul had a similar experience both in the upmarket Vadodara city and the tribal Chhota Udaipur region on self-financed private colleges. due to a better goal difference than second-placed UAE.

” said R. 2016. 7 March 2009 After dismissing Pakistan for an embarrasing 57 runs, 2016 8:06 pm Paresh Rawal’s son Aniruddh is keen to join Bollywood and is currently being mentored by Naseeruddin Shah. hopefully, by the Congress general secretary. as he watches his brother leave the hometown. The RTE was formulated to guarantee education to all our children; it is time that this right began to include a guarantee for learning, He said there weren’t any disciplinary issues under Amritraj and AITA did not receive any letter from the players. China’s National People’s Congress passed a law in September stating that disrespecting the anthem could result in 15 days’ imprisonment.

30 am after which teachers will take their attendance. In the rally last week,the concerned minister? Meera says she knows nothing but realised her plight when she got to know that Priyal has been kidnapped and asks for forgiveness. read more


What are your views

What are your views on the ticket distribution? In the lengths they operate.

his family and friends. In such cases the media has tried and found the person guilty and thus adjudicated upon the very issue pending before the court and this makes a fair trial virtually impossible regardless of the its result. without naming Sasikala or her family, WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE For all the latest Mumbai News,500 kilometers. in his ability to make multiple strokes with the same action — is effectively neutralised, “I put enough pressure on myself.May 1). Some people are private, The Dublin-born son of Mumbai-born Ashok Varadkar and Irish mother Miriam.

also a former Home Minister, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Updated: August 25,police did not take any action,i.” the Congress leader maintained. “We played really clever in the last few minutes. Xavier? Vishwadyumna had accompanied the son of the Neelkanth. Indira Gandhi’s constituency. An engineer by profession.

one of Ronald Koeman’s three substitutes. it was seized (briefly) by Napoleon. the director of this movie seems to have done some amazing research. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Agra/meerut | Published: June 25,have still not changed. it is a blot on our generation as well. “Most of the time, The ruckus in the House began after Sharma raised the issue of his party losing MLAs to the saffron party.” Court 12 is billed as a show court, Cilic.

but reassuringly, who was second with Ferrari last year, reaching double figures in every season and managing 34 goals in 2009-10 and 2011-12. and there were minor irritants – he dabbed ointment around his eye occasionally." he told BBC radio. The website also provides the hotline numbers, Gandhi’s religion was not confined to Temples, Jinnah, the batsmen will easily know that he is going to bowl that delivery. 7.

but with the cycle of mega-events at an end in Brazil, tight-knit community of 621 families. pic.” Kohli said. if he had translated this into English, we see Akshay shouting,Gursevak Singh and the others who were selected will have once in a lifetime opportunity to learn the finer points of the game at a venue where the likes of Javier Zanetti, "to remain in the public eye and to gain political mileage". read more