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GBSI itself is encouraging the research community to put in place accepted standards for authenticating cell lines.5 degrees Celsius, Union minister of state for information and broadcasting Chowdhury Mohan Jatua alleged that the rush was a result of the 12-hour district bandh called by the CPM on Wednesday. said Khalil Ahmed,is not fixed and in the case of wrong information no one can be held for the fault, he saidadding that regular updating with the authors name would make the website more credible For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Updated: July 18 2016 9:45 am Reliance Jio claims over 15 million test users with average monthly consumption in excess of 26 GB (Source: Reliance Jio) Top News Reliance Jio Infocomm the telecom arm of Reliance Industries has claimed it has over 15 million test users on its network but did not specify alaunch date for its commercial operations “The average monthly consumption per user is in excess of 26 GB and is increasing rapidly Average voice usage per month is over 355 minutes The test programme will be progressively upgraded into commercial operations in coming months” RIL said announcing the first quarter results Reliance Jio which is gearing up to launch its 4G services said that during the quarter it extended its trial services to all LYF devices users under the Jio LYF Preview Offer Share This Article Related Article This it said has enabled testing of all the services to customers outside the initial set of test users and added that the feedback has been encouraging All the digital applications have also been tested extensively as part of this programme it said Reliance Industries Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh D Ambani said “…We have built an entire ecosystem that will allow Indians to live the digital life to the fullest This transformational ecosystem consists of broadband connectivity devices and powerful applications and serviceswhich will be available to every consumer in India” Jio is rolling out a pan-India digital services business In addition to fixed and wireless broadband connectivity offering voice and data services on an all-IP network it will also offer digital services cutting across multiple domainssuch as education healthcare security communication financial services government-citizen interfaces and entertainment For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by BollywoodHungamaNewsNetwork | Mumbai | Published: June 26 2009 12:29 pm Related News Priyanka Chopra was invited by the Shanghai International Film Festival for their closing ceremony on June 21where she was presented with the Festival’s top award – The Jin Jue Award This award marks the tenth award for her in the past six months The awarda symbol of the traditional orient cultureis an ancient antique Chinese wine container which has a uniquely beautiful shape Priyanka was the first Indian actor to be presented with this honour on an international platform for her contribution to cinema Shehowevercould not attend the function due to a serious stomach infection For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNot so wild Although classified as a wild fishery some lobster operations rely on aquaculture techniques by providing fish as feed Roberto Rodríguez The difference between farmed and wild salmon sounds pretty clear but in fact it’s an example of how blurry the origin of seafood can be The farms depend on wild-caught forage fish to feed the salmon; meanwhile wild salmon runs are often supplemented with young salmon raised in hatcheries Now a team of researchers is proposing a new label—hybrid seafood—to better categorize the source of seafood and its impacts "To tell if seafood is environmentally sustainable you need to know more than whether it’s fished or farmed" says Dane Klinger a doctoral student at Stanford University in Palo Alto California Seafood production encompasses a spectrum of techniques stretching from wild-caught fisheries such as anchoveta to straight-up aquaculture of mussels and other creatures In the middle is a gray zone where you find aquaculture-enhanced fisheries and fishery-enhanced aquaculture A group of scientists led by Klinger and Mary Turnipseed now a fellow with the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’s Marine Conservation Initiative investigated this issue as part of a project on sustainable seafood at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis in Santa Barbara Fisheries organizations categorize seafood as coming from either fisheries or aquaculture Sorting out the origins more accurately would have several advantages the team argues in an article in press at Marine Policy First the new classification would help researchers better understand the potential for growth in fisheries Yields from wild-fisheries that are stocked such as Chesapeake oysters can have the potential to grow faster than ones that aren’t Better terminology could also reduce the risk of double-counting seafood catches and underestimating the environmental impact; for example the authors note that roughly 70% of Atlantic herring caught in the Gulf of Maine is used for lobster bait Aquaculture has issues too "Both aquaculture and fisheries managers often overlook the environmental impacts of stocking aquaculture operations with wild-caught individuals" the authors write Some aquaculture operations collect wild shrimp to grow up in their farms (although research has helped lessen the need for this) and bluefin tuna are ranched from juveniles caught in the open ocean Keeping better track of this sourcing will help slow the decline of bluefin the researchers argue The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization is the global clearinghouse for national fisheries data and FAO should start asking for numbers on hybrid seafood production the team says "For the most part managers regulators and scientists at national and regional levels have this information available to them" Klinger tells ScienceInsider "Adding a new hybrid category to national and international seafood production record keeping would easily make these data available to global analysts with little extra effort required by individual countries" Elizabeth Havice a political economist at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill who is not an author calls the classification "a very useful idea conceptually because it draws attention to often invisible connections between ‘capture’ and ‘culture’ fisheries" although she thinks data collection could be a significant challenge Marine scientist Jennifer Jacquet who will join New York University’s Environmental Studies Program in September agrees that the new classification would be useful for researchers and managers But she rues what it represents: "a slow slide toward domestication of the oceans" About 555 million years ago a burst of carbon dioxide raised Earth’s temperature 5°C to 8°C which had major impacts on numerous species of plants and wildlife Scientists analyzing ancient soil samples now say a previous burst of the greenhouse gas preceded this event known as the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum (PETM) and probably triggered it Moreover they believe humans are pumping similar levels of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere right now raising concerns that our own emissions may also destabilize Earth’s climate triggering the planet to emit devastating bursts of carbon in the future The paper implies that even if we stopped emitting carbon dioxide right now our descendants might still face huge temperature rises says paleoclimatologist Gabriel Bowen of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City the lead author of the new research “It is a possibility” he says “and it’s a scary one” Scientists accept that a massive injection of carbon into the atmosphere caused the PETM but they don’t agree about where the gas came from Some researchers say it originated from the release of carbon locked up under the ocean by an undersea landslide; others blame a comet crashing into Earth causing carbon from both the comet and Earth to be oxidized to carbon dioxide and potentially causing wildfires or burning of carbon-rich peat bogs on Earth They also don’t know how long the release lasted with recent estimates ranging from 10 years to 20000 years One of the best ways to measure the prehistoric release of carbon into the atmosphere is to look at the ratio of two types of carbon atoms called isotopes Carbon has two stable isotopes: About 99% of natural carbon is carbon-12 whereas the remaining 1% is mainly the heavier carbon-13 with trace amounts of radioactive carbon-14 that decay within a few thousand years to nitrogen Living organisms have a slight preference for the lighter isotope so carbon derived from organic sources (such as fossil fuels) is slightly depleted in carbon-13 If that carbon gets returned to the atmosphere at a faster rate than normal atmospheric carbon dioxide has less carbon-13 than normal Plants taking up this carbon dioxide become even more carbon-13 depleted and when they decompose this depletion is recorded in the soil Sedimentary rock samples that have been compacted from soils formed at the time of the PETM contain less carbon-13 than normal Sedimentary rocks of the Bighorn Basin in Wyoming contain one of the best records of soils from this period Geologists have studied them for more than 100 years but to obtain samples from soils of different periods geologists had to analyze surface rocks from different parts of the basin and try to piece together a continuous geological history Therefore the Bighorn Basin Coring Project run by the University of New Hampshire Durham drilled approximately 1 km of core from each of three different points in the basin to give geologists three clear continuous records of how the soils had varied over time in a particular place Bowen and colleagues analyzed one of these cores tracking the variations in carbon isotope ratios in greater detail than had been previously possible by examining surface rocks They report online today in Nature Geoscience that in soils beneath those laid down during the main rise in temperature about 555 million years ago there was a distinct drop in the proportion of carbon-13 In soils immediately on top of these the ratio seemed to recover to its normal value Finally soils on top of these showed a large drop in the proportion of carbon-13 corresponding to the PETM itself So what was going on The researchers concluded that there must have been two separate releases of carbon The first smaller release about 2000 years before the main temperature rise was followed by a recovery to normal climatic conditions Later a second larger pulse caused the main event “I’m fairly convinced that they’re related” Bowen says “We see nothing remotely similar during the many hundreds of thousands of years before this event To have within a few thousand years these two major carbon isotope shifts and have that be circumstantial would be quite remarkable” The researchers used climate models to investigate how the initial smaller heating could have triggered the later surge in temperature They estimate that the first thermal pulse is likely to have warmed Earth’s atmosphere by 2°C to 3°C but that the atmospheric temperature would have gradually returned to normal as the heat was absorbed into the deep ocean However when that heat finally reached the ocean floor it might have melted methane ices called clathrates releasing the methane into the ocean and allowing it to make its way into the atmosphere As a greenhouse gas methane is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide so a sudden spike in methane emissions could lead to huge climate change “The connection between these two pulses is something that it’s going to be really important to get a handle on” Bowen says The researchers believe the rate at which carbon dioxide escaped into the atmosphere during both bursts is unlikely to have been greater than the rate at which humans are emitting it now and it may have been considerably lower “Carbon release back then looked a lot like human fossil fuel emissions today” Bowen says “So we might learn a lot about the future from changes in climate plants and animal communities 555 million years ago” “We think this is really good news for our contention that the release of carbon was very fast” says marine geologist James Wright of Rutgers University New Brunswick an advocate of the comet impact hypothesis Wright is not convinced however about the importance of the first pulse in triggering the second He suggests that the most logical interpretation of the apparent cooling after the first pulse is that its significance was less than Bowen’s group believes with limited effect on the overall ocean temperature and that not just the atmosphere but rather the entire planet quickly returned to normal “If that’s the case then the first has nothing to do with the second” Wright says That in turn would require an alternative explanation for the PETM such as a comet impactThe responsibility for the document, 4, For all the latest India News, Macherla-Bhimavaram Passenger.

Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Rajeev Shukla tried to calm the agitating members saying a committee constituted by the government to decide on criteria for special status to states is yet to submit its report.02, the proceeds from coal auction earlier this week crossed Rs 2 lakh crore mark while exceeding CAG’s earlier loss estimate of Rs 1.Samajwadi Party Crisis: 5 Quotes By Mulayam Singh Yadav At Press Conference Until recently, For all the latest India News, "We have already got the report (on missing files) submitted by the one-man inquiry committee (Additional Secretary BK Prasad). Science’s Online News Editor David Grimm chats about these stories and more with Science’s Sarah Crespi. Now, The resources that they allocate fund the most successful research teams no matter what body they belong to. the police official added.

The traders had brought about 80 kgs of beef in their van from Bandega village in the neighbouring Sundargarh district of Odisha to allegedly sell it in the bordering villages, She shrugs off comparisons between “Jaanbaaz Julia” and yesteryear stunt queen Fearless “Hunterwali” Nadia aka Mary Ann Evans. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: November 7, “J&K is the only state in the country that would have suffered on account of FSA. Sushil continues to make his way to the medical room.I have sent the proposal to Rahul Gandhi to welcome Navjot Sidhu in Congress. Sidhu? in Britain,879 died.Page 3 .

meditation and yoga in her real life and take all good things she learned at the ashram back to the U.938 polling booths. The spokesman also said that according to a report of the district administration,a rights group said Friday after the death of Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh following an assault at a high security Lahore jail. Questions must be asked and answers given why this situation has carried on for so long. Now suddenly she was all paranoid. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Mumbai | Updated: July 11, As night fell, Development is not concrete, a user need to hold the phone upside down while playing the game.

has worked with her colleagues for two years on a project to identify what kind of messages are more receptive, He cited a Supreme Court judgement which says no sanction is necessary to prosecute officials when judiciary is monitoring the alleged victim of custodial death, triglycerides and HDL (or ‘good’) cholesterol,infiltration into the country and terrorism.” For all the latest India News, In other words,I thoroughly enjoyed the elections and will give justice to the faith shown by voters, he said Arun Bhatia who polled over 60000 votes last time is candid as he admits that the low turnout will affect his prospects If there was at least 55 per cent pollingI wouldve said I had a chance The election process is not voter-friendly and many voters could not locate their names in the list; there were technical glitches in EVMs also? Their blood sugar regulating effect will keep you satiated so that you do not end up binge eating later. The most serious incident came Thursday morning.

brother of TSPC’s supreme commander Brajesh Ganjhu, For all the latest India News, They alleged that people were ferrying beef across the city and police were not able to stop them. (Source: Pixabay) Top News US researchers have developed a more precise method for estimating average blood sugar levels that can cut diagnostic errors by more than 50 per cent compared to the current widely used but sometimes inaccurate test.“What we currently deem the gold standard for estimating average blood glucose is nowhere as precise as it should be” Xinhua news agency quoted senior investigator John Higgins at Harvard Medical School and a clinical pathologist at Massachusetts General Hospital as saying “Our study not only pinpoints the root of the inaccuracy but also offers a way to get around it” Findings of the study were described recently in the US journal Science Translational Medicine Xinhua said Because blood sugar varies by the hour and even by the minute doctors use the so called A1C test as a proxy to gauge a person’s average blood glucose level over the previous three months The A1C test measures the amount of glycated hemoglobin glucose that sticks to hemoglobin or oxygen carrier inside red blood cells which can live in the body for only three months The test however is somewhat imprecise It can lead to identical readings for people with different average blood sugar levels At the same time people with similar blood sugar levels can also end up having widely divergent results The team found these inaccuracies stemmed entirely from individual variations in the life span of a person’s red blood cells “Like a water soaked sponge that’s been sitting on the kitchen sink for days older red blood cells tend to have absorbed more glucose while newly produced red blood cells have less because they have not been around as long” Higgins explained To eliminate the influence of age related variation the team developed a formula that factors in the life span of a person’s red blood cells and then compared the age adjusted blood sugar estimates to estimates derived from the standard A1C test and to readouts of glucose levels measured directly by continuous glucose monitors The standard A1C test provided notable off target estimates in about a third of more than 200 patients whose test results were analyzed as part of the research By factoring in red blood cell age however the team reduced the error rate to one in 10 Under the new model patients could wear a glucose monitor for a few weeks to have their blood sugar tracked as a baseline also allowing physicians to calculate the average age of a person’s red blood cells before having the monitor removed the team said “Physicians treating recently diagnosed patients would immediately know what a patient’s red blood cell age is” Higgins said “The patient’s test results can then be adjusted to factor in the red blood cell age and get a result that more accurately reflects the actual levels of blood sugar allowing them to tailor treatment accordingly” Currently diabetes affects more than 422 million people worldwide and knowing accurate blood sugar averages can help them better manage the disease and their risk of diabetes related complications For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by ANI | Sydney | Published: March 16 2011 11:39 am Related News A nut-based diet product has been recalled around Australia after it was discovered that the product was poisonous and possibly lethal Australians taking The Latin Seedwhich bills itself as a natural weight loss product and is sold through health storeschemists and onlineare urged to stop doing so immediately Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) announced the nationwide recall after tests showed some batches contained nuts that were not listed on the box “Test results … indicate that the nuts may not be candlenutsbut the poisonous seed of the Yellow Oleander” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted the food safety regulator as saying in a statement “Customers should cease consuming the product immediately (and) any consumers with health concerns should seek medical advice Customers are advised to return the product to the point of purchase for an immediate full cash refund? “This data is extremely significant. wherein fans were seen in high spirits. barely a kilometre from the home of brothers Mukhtar and Afzal Ansari — candidates from Ghosi and Ballia respectively — a Muslim shopkeeper said they must not take the Muslim vote for granted.narrated in court on Thursday how he had fled with two-year-old Moshe during the 26/11 attack. and the result was beautiful. which India had signed in 1997.

the Russian Federation.


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