Minecraft Education Edition is coming this summer

first_imgMicrosoft is doing something this summer that’s going to help some kids get very, very excited about going back to school. They’re launching Minecraft: Education Edition just in time for the 2016 fall semester.Minecraft was already a great educational tool and it was being used by teachers around the globe — thousands of teachers in over 40 countries, according to Microsoft — to teach children of all ages everything from programming to literature to chemistry. Now, Microsoft is ready to provide teachers and students with a customized version of the wildly popular game to further cement its place in academics. To do that, they acquired MinecraftEdu, which has been helping schools deploy Minecraft in classrooms and labs for several years.Microsoft has begun assembling pre-built Minecraft worlds that educators can download to get started. Some are built to allow immersive exploration: take a tour of the pyramids of Giza, the Temple of Artemis, or a World War II-era bomb air raid shelter. There’s more to explore than just structures, too: another download offers an up-close look at the human eye.There are also ready-to-use lessons on creating pixel art using Minecraft’s palette of blocks. For those keen to introduce students to coding, there’s plenty of information available on using command blocks. The Redstone Lodge provides a place where they can learn about mechanical and electrical engineering — and even music composition using note blocks.Microsoft knows they’ve got a powerful, versatile educational tool in Minecraft, but they want to make sure school kids actually get the chance to use it. Keeping it affordable, too. An Education Edition license will run schools just $5 — less than a third what one for MinecraftEdu cost.last_img


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