LGs New 4K Monitor Likes To Pretend Its Four Monitors

first_imgStay on target LG Made an Instant Ice Cream Machine That Uses Pods Like a KeurigThe LG G8 Might Feature a Clip-On Second Screen Want a quad-display desktop? You could set up four separate monitors and run a massive tangle of cords that eats up half the outlets on your power bar. Or you could just hook up LG’s new 4K monitor.The 43UD79-B is a monster, measuring close to the 43 inches in its name. The diagonal is actually 42.5, which gives you plenty of room to split its roughly 8.3 million pixels into a number of different multiple display configurations.How did they pull that off? A quick look at the ports on the back of this behemoth should clear things up: It features four HDMI ports and LG also threw in a DisplayPort for good measure. Wire in four video sources, and you can do an equal four-way split. The result is like having four 21.5-inch 1080p monitors clustered, sans the annoying bezels.You can get more creative if you want. Set it up as three portrait screens for working on large documents. Or a pair of standard landscape displays on top of one crazy-wide one. Or next two one slightly-chunky portrait zone. Or — and as crazy as it sounds — one gigantic 4K display. There are ten different configurations in all, and four more if you count the picture-in-picture options.Got a KVM on your desk to control a second computer? Well, you can toss it, because the 43UD79-B supports LG’s slick Dual Controller feature. Just hook up your keyboard and mouse to the USB 3.0 ports, and you’re good to go. Audio’s covered, too, courtesy a pair of 10W built-in Harmon Kardon speakers.The 43UD79-B should be in stock at your favorite store next week, and it’ll sell for just under $700.last_img


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