Rogue One debuts new details and behind the scenes footage at Star

first_imgThe first day of Star Wars Celebration Europe is wrapping up in London and the most anticipated event of the day was a panel about the next Star Wars film to be released, Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.After a recent brush with bad buzz because of some reshoots, this was Rogue One’s time to shine in an exclusive forum and change the conversation back to a Star Wars one. Last year’s The Force Awakens Celebration panel gave us the first look at BB-8 and some practical aliens as well as a production sizzle reel, this year, we were properly introduced to the characters of Rogue One (including a costumed Ben Mehndelshon!), another new droid and received another sizzle reel.The panel was moderated by Captain Phasma herself, Gwendoline Christie, who brought out Kathleen Kennedy, President of Lucasfilm and director Gareth Edwards. They discussed what it was like for Edwards to get the job of directing the first Star Wars spin-off movie and unveiled some early concept art for the film.As the movie changed during pre-production, we obviously got more people of color on the cast, but seem to have lost whomever the big green guy and his techno Pokémon was in the process.We were introduced to the cast who gave various summations of their characters, always careful not to say too much. Felicity Jones’ Jyn Erso is going to be the first Black Series 6” action figure released from the Rogue One line from Hasbro and Christie presented the actress with one on stage. Deigo Luna described Captain Cassian Andor as something of a team leader and the person who reprogrammed K-2SO.That lead to talking with Alan Tudyk who plays K-2SO, the former Imperial droid, in the film. We were shown a rough clip of Jones, Luna, and K-2SO in the desert where a render of the robot had been inserted for some of the scenes. Tudyk described playing K2 as an “old person” since not all of his programming is functioning properly after being reoriented by Captain Andor.viaMads Mikkelson confirmed that he is playing Jyn’s father, Galen Erso. Galen is a scientist who created something that he thinks can make the galaxy better…though our money is on this invention making the Death Star possible. Previous rumors about Galen’s contribution suggest it might have something to do with Kyber crystals, but that’s for another day. We did get to see what Galen will look like in the film.Riz Ahmed revealed that his character Bodhi Rook works as a pilot for the Empire until something happens on his home world that gets him involved in the Rebellion. That world is also where we meet Donnie Yen’s spiritual fighter Chirrut Imwe and his partner with a “big gun” Baz Malbus (Jiang Wen). That planet is a new one, it’s called Jedha.Stormtroopers and tank take JedhaAt least we think Jedha is new. Even though this is a movie where everyone thinks the Jedi are extinct, their belief system still holds some interest. Jedha does sound like Jedi (who knows if that is important?), and it sounds like people make pilgrimages there before it comes under Imperial occupation. Ahem…kyber crystals.The other new planet named during the panel was the “paradise planet,” aka all that stuff you’ve seen of Stormtroopers walking through pristine blue water. They shot all those sequences in the Maldives, where Gareth Edwards claimed Star Wars wasn’t public knowledge, so the world’s coolest looking Stormtroopers didn’t even know how cool they look. This planet is called Scarif.#SquadGoals on ScarifForrest Whitaker didn’t add much about Saw Guerra, the Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon character who is evolving into the films. He did hint that his Rebel group is separate from Jyn’s and that Saw’s is the more extreme of the two.After parading through the audience in full costume, Ben Mendelshon returned to the stage and managed to not say much about Director Krennic. It’s clear Krennic will be a cunning opponent, but outside of confirming that Darth Vader will appear in the movie, we didn’t learn much about the power structure of the villains.The official release online was this Rogue One sizzle reel, which gives a lot of lip service to actually having physical things happen on set combined with explosions and stunt work. There are glimpses of the Rebel alien characters Bistan (the one who yells while shooting the minigun) and Pad as well as a very striking white-haired alien.There were more special treats if you happened to be in the room in London (and specifically that single room, even though there were on-site rooms just for watching the stream), the first being that everyone was given a copy of Rogue One’s new teaser poster.The second is that the audience was shown exclusive footage that sounds like the second teaser trailer that could air on ABC tonight as part of the Secrets of the Force Awakens speical. Birth Movies Death was in the audience and reports:A young girl in pigtails is running across a craggy marsh. An Imperial shuttle rises behind her. It’s clearly young Jyn Erso, especially as the footage cuts to modern Jyn running as well. There are shots of things going bad, of arrested Rebel pilots being paraded through a Jedah market. Over all of this Jyn says: “Every day we get weaker, and they get stronger. This is our chance to make a difference.” And then combat! Shooting! A cargo shuttle exploding! A green faced CGI alien in a helmet turning and yelling at a bunch of other soldiers. Krennic walking. Someone – probably Krennic – kneeling before a hologram that will clearly be the Emperor, and which is flanked by two red Imperial Guards. And then finally a reflection of Vader, bathed in red light from what looks like the radar screen that showed off Yavin IV in A New Hope. He breathed. The crowd went nuts.last_img


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