Virgin Galactic resurrecting its loworbit cargo operation

first_imgSir Richard Branson seems to be up to something more than taping new television commercials proclaiming his ability to deliver things fast. There are rumors flying around that his burgeoning low-orbit space flight company may be resurrecting a cargo plane program that it abandoned back in October of 2010.Formerly called “LauncherOne,” the space cargo program was to be one of the world’s first relatively low-cost services offered to various companies to get their satellites put into orbit. By low-cost we mean for the bargain price of $1 to $2-million dollars per payload delivery. When compared to the hundreds of millions that it cost NASA to launch orbital devices into the heavens, that certainly sounds like a bargain basement price.Stephen Attenborough, Virgin Galactic’s commercial director, is directly responsible for the rumors that have cropped up across news sites lately, as he made a statement during the Royal Aeronautical Society’s  third European space tourism conference last week. He told onlookers during some announcements that Virgin Galactic Cargo would be ready for business soon, a pretty stark statement to make in public if the company isn’t working on something in this vein.If Virgin Galactic can indeed get this operation up and running, it has the potential to revolutionize a slew of different industries. With communications companies among the major buyers of cargo lifts into orbit, the idea of reducing the overall cost of getting a new orbital device into operation could make services cheaper for the consumer, or make profit margins all the more healthy.Read more at Yahoo! Newslast_img


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