Kosovo new UNbacked rail terminal opened

UNMIK chief Søren Jessen-Petersen and President Ibrahim Rugova were on hand at the ceremony in Fushe Kosove/Kosovo Polje. “UNMIK Railways is working for Kosovo’s future – the new Cargo Terminal is a strong sign of this,” said the UN envoy. He voiced hope that the facility would serve to move UNMIK Railways – currently dependent on donor contributions – to “a market economy and regional economic integration.”Mr. Jessen-Petersen noted that UNMIK Railways – with 20 per cent of its workforce coming from different minorities, passengers from all communities, and operations throughout the province – is a strong example of how a multi-ethnic Kosovo can be a success.He recalled that the so-called “Freedom of Movement Train,” which was initiated in 2001, plays an important role in ensuring this multi-ethnicity by linking Kosovo together.UNMIK Railways currently covers over 300 kilometres and expects to launch inter-city services in close cooperation with neighbouring railways in Serbia and Montenegro and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.


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